Japan 2022 Day 16

I got up this morning and I knew it was a nap day. I was dragging all morning. My sister just wanted to go shopping in the area so we planned a low-key day.

First, the morning set. We went to Chococro and had a quick bite.

IMG 6413

And it was off to buy train tickets for the rest of the trip. We had a rest back at the hotel and then started shopping. I was taking it easy and at 11:12am I got a message from my 2nd level manager asking to have a phone call on Tuesday (my Wednesday) two days from now. Getting a text message from work while on vacation isn’t a usual thing and getting one from your manager’s manager is more than ominous. Just like most companies, the place I work has announced layoffs and I figured I’m on the chopping block. I won’t know for two days. Thanks a lot for ruining a couple days of my vacation, even if it isn’t bad news. Even worse, it took me a bit to get ahold of any co-workers and no one knows anything. Of course that’s when I found out that it’s Sunday night there.

OK, so that snapped me out of feeling poorly, but I wasn’t that hungry. We went to Nana’s Tea (I think) and had a light lunch.

IMG 6415

We’ve been there before and it’s quite tasty. A little more shopping and I made it back to the hotel for a nap at 2pm. My sister went shopping for a bit and then hit the laundromat, something we have to do a couple times on our trips because we don’t travel with huge suitcases.

I still wasn’t feeling great after the nap, so it was just combini snacks for dinner again.

IMG 6416

And that’s about it. On Wednesday I find out if I’m unemployed, I guess.

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