Japan 2024: Day 10

This was a long short day, if you know what I mean. It’s was a travel day and it’s now 30 hours since I got up.

We kinda packed and took it easy until the car came to take us to the airport, but we did go to Hoshino Coffee where I remembered to take a picture of the pancakes this time.

While I was packing, I took a picture of the stain on my jeans. My sister asked if I went to the sushi restaurant like that, and I said I’d been like that the whole day. I think it felt like 

[Next day]

Well, my brain wasn’t working well enough to finish that post. I guess it happens. In any case…

I think I saw something on the subway seat on the way to sumo in the morning, so I think the stain in my jeans was there that WHOLE DAY.

Once again, the start of the travel day was absolutely beautiful out and I got a big picture of the Godzilla head.

But really I wanted to take a zoomed in picture of the billboard below him. I’m not sure what that is. A boy band?

Also, some pictures in the lobby.

Then it was a slightly shaky flight from Haneda to SeaTac. Norm from TokyoLens was on the flight! Made notes on what I watched this time. Of course I picked dumb movies because they’re the best for me on these flights: The Dead Don’t Die, The Equalizer 3, The Take, and Dune. Dune on a small screen wasn’t bad, especially since I’ve read most of the books and I love the old David Lynch movie.

I said my third goal was to get Kevin home and I accomplished that. It was a great trip!

P.S. I had this bag of 7Eleven Cheese Rings that I carried all the way back from Tokyo. I bought them on my last night in Tokyo and didn’t eat them and didn’t want them to go to waste. Two bags, a backpack, and this bag of chips. I finally opened them and they’re quite good. Like puffy cheese doodles but round. And I bet they were cheaper because they were 7Eleven brand. (And, unlike American chips, they were all intact rings!)

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