Japan 2024: Day 8

Well, it looks like I forgot to take many pictures today. Again. I guess I’m not to be trusted.

Kevin went to aikido practice again so it was a late start to the day. Instead of another trip to Tully’s, we went to Hoshino Coffee. The bigger breakfasts they had for the weekend appear to be available during the week now. I had two fluffy pancakes (not jiggly though) with sausages, an egg, a salad, and a miniscule portion of yogurt. Oh, and of course very good coffee.




Kevin was going to spend some father/daughter time with Zoe so Bill and I went off to Ueno to see part of the park and the Tokyo National Museum. Of course, we had to visit the statue of Saigo Takamori.

We saw pottery from the hundreds, coins from the hundreds, and a bunch of swords and armor from the 1300’s. After that we went to Ameyoko to get some street food. I would recommend avoiding it. They said the rice bowl would take a while and it took a half hour of me just sitting on a rickety stool waiting for it. The karaage tasted like low-quality frozen chicken nuggets. At least the fried oysters were good and the yakitori was ok.

The sushi bowl wasn’t bad but after waiting so long I just ate it before I remembered to take a picture.

That was about it until dinner. We went to Tonchinkan which was tiny, crowded, busy, cheap, and pretty good. There’s really no comparison to Katsukura, but that’s also about 3x the price. We even had to make our selection before they’d seat us.

That’s about it for today. Oh, I did buy a ridiculous Godzilla tissue paper holder that probably won’t take US-sized tissue paper, but come on, I had to get this.

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