Japan 2024: Day 6

It’s odd how I can sleep but not feel rested. I guess I’m woken up by all the noise here. Last night it sounded like there was a big fire and I heard ambulances every couple of hours.

We went to a Tully’s for breakfast and had to walk for a bit to find one open at 7am. On the way back I discovered another mystery, if this is the #2 Ass building, where’s the #1 Ass building?

Our big morning outing was to see the Samurai Ninja museum, which was kind of cool with swords and armor and also very good descriptions of Japanese history. Unfortunately, that was just the samurai part and the ninja part was a bit cheesy. There was a 13YO boy in the group and it was perfect for him. The last part of the tour was throwing these rubber stars at some styrofoam boards.

But the museum did place us near Kappabashi and I was able to buy a knife for my sister.

Kevin had to leave to see his daughter so Bill and I were left on our own.

Kappabashi is also near Sensoji Temple and it was very crowded but not as bad as I expected for a nice Sunday.

OK, this bit was really crowded

It wouldn’t be a complete trip to Sensoji without some street food like these cheese and meat balls.

Also the freshly baked melon pan with the green tea soft ice cream.

And I thought there was a store with pork katsu sandos but I was wrong. We ended up just grabbing a chicken katsu sando at 7Eleven.

And finally, a view of the golden poop. Some poor artist worked hard on this but everyone just calls it the golden poop.

I think that’s it for the pictures. Kevin isn’t the electronics geek Bill and I are so we went to Akihabara to see what’s left of the electronics shops of DenDen Town.

After that we all met up to try to look for some sushi. The first try at Takashimaya was a 2 hour wait so we went back to the touristy one on the first floor of the hotel. It wasn’t that bad but it was crowded and you have to have the Line app to order with a QR code.

And that’s it for today.

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