My head hurts.

I wonder if I’m getting better or worse. My cough is about the same except now I’m coughing stuff up. Enough about being sick.

I went out to dinner with my mom and on the way back home we saw a pink Honda Fit. My sister has been talking about those for months, ever since she saw one when we were in Japan. I called her on my cell phone and left her a message. My brother-in-law didn’t understand what I said and thought I was calling about, “A big shit,” rather than, “A pink Fit.” Sheesh. The scallops and risotto at the Industrial Cafe were excellent, by the way.

So now I’m trying to figure out what the difference is between an “oil change and lube” at one Honda dealer and an “oil change” at the other dealer besides $10. Just how much lube does a 2-year-old Honda Civic need, anyway?