Geek entry: more AxKit madness.

Installing AxKit is a big pain in the you-know-where. I think it’s one of those “we build it on leenoox, you should too” projects. Feh. I don’t have any leenoox boxes in the house. So, here’s the problems I’ve found THIS WEEK:

  • AxKit requires Apache::Request.
  • The Apache::Request perl module requires mod_perl < 1.99.
  • mod_perl < 1.99 requires Apache1 (not Apache2).
  • Apache1 requires libtool 1.5.
  • Getting libtool 1.5 requires CVS.
  • Building the cvs version of libtool 1.5 requires automake, and autoconf.

And I’m still in the middle of all of that.

My sister’s last day in P-town.

It’s my sister’s last day here, so she was trying to fit in a lot of crap into one day.

  • First she made a quick trip to the yarn store “Lint” with Mrs. Harris,
  • then a trip downtown to Nordstrom’s, Moonstruck Chocolatier, and Kitchen Kaboodle with the Slabs,
  • then dinner with family friends at the Japanese restaurant “Ikenohana,”
  • and finally dessert with her friend Wendy.

Unfortunately, she got a migraine headache just before dinner and had to sleep in the car instead of eating. Her dessert trip was also canceled.

After we got home, my father wandered around the house aimlessly, threatening to wake my sister to see if she was OK. So instead of going to my friend Darrell’s final birthday party (he’s decided that 29 is old enough) I had to stay home and run interference.

I hope she’s feeling better since she’s on a plane back for home tomorrow.

I guess my grandmother in Japan is now bedridden and has some form of inoperable cancer. Surgery is mainly not an option because she’s 98. Last year at this time, she was still taking care of her garden, even though she lost her sight years ago.

Now she doesn’t worry about much, but does still make requests for what she wants to eat. It doesn’t matter to my grandmother who comes or goes. She didn’t ask about my aunt, when my mother took over the caretaking duties for the two weeks she was there. But my grandmother still had food requests. I’m happy she still has something to look forward to.

I’m the last unmarried grandchild and it looks like that won’t change.

Woo! I look like crap!

I just looked at myself in the mirror as I was brushing my teeth and I look like doodie. I guess I have time to be tired now that my ma is back home. My sister told me I looked even worse earlier in the day.

A friend at Portland State told me he got his car broken into. But, as he mentioned, it’s not the worst thing that could happen. Then I was thinking about all the time I spent waiting in the doctor’s office today, and in the x-ray lab, and how that didn’t bother me either. What did bother me was that my mom’s chronic cough had gotten worse, and she saw some blood in her sputum. Well, the doctor had a calming demeanor, and thought things were probably fine. Knock on wood.

Aha! I was RIGHT!

My mom got back from Japan and, with any luck, things are back to normal. Her chronic cough is getting worse and so it’s time to interrogate the doctor about it. I guess my grandmother is confined to bed but still has an appetite. My mom didn’t have a chance to do anything fun and just took care of my grandmother while she was there.

I know by my logs that there isn’t anyone reading this blog, but I’m going to pretend there is. And if that pretend person has been paying attention, he/she would have heard about how I thought my sister was getting a Sony digital camera while I was going to get a 500yen pen. Well, guess what? She got the camera, in orange (the only reason she wanted it was because it was “cute”) and I got a 480yen pen.

The label says 600yen, but she got it for 20% off.

Actually, she also got me a nice fountain pen with a big fat nib which was closer to 20,000yen, so I can’t complain too much (except I’d have to write in inch-high letters to use such a fat nib.)

And just in case someone is reading this blog, my sister and her friends have designed “t-shirts for our friend Megan, who is getting chemo for breast cancer. There’s also a benefit at the White Eagle in Portland on November 16th.

I found some of my missing CDs.

I thought I was missing some of my CDs, so I finally asked my ex-girlfriend if she had them. She told me she had my Journey and New Order CDs, but denied having Rick Astley and Robbie Nevil. Let’s see, it’s now 2003, and we broke up in 2001, so she’s had them for at least two years. The worst part is, she denies having Rick Astley and Robbie Nevil!

I figured out I was missing CDs because I ripped all my CDs a second time. My hard drive was close to full and AAC files took less space. I ripped all my CDs because I’m still imagining the day I get an iPod. Ah, my fantasy world where I have a job or a rich girlfriend buys me an iPod. In the real world, I only have an ex-girlfriend who has stolen my Rick Astley and Robbie Nevil CDs.

OK, so I volunteered to install axkit?

I’m one of the documentation guys for the Fink Project mainly taking care of the FAQ. I talked myself into getting CVS access to help port Fink to the new Mac OS X (Panther) but then I also volunteered to help work on the new web site. We’re going try axkit which is an xml-to-whatever-format-you-want converter and I’ve had a heck of a time trying to get a web server installed with axkit working.

The problems I’ve had are:

  • I couldn’t figure out how to get all the xml perl bits installed with Apache 2.0.48 on my NetBSD box.
  • Apache 2.0.48 wouldn’t compile on my Solaris 2.6 machine without hand editing server/exports.c.
  • I had a weird mix of Perl 5.8.0 and 5.8.1 on the Solaris machine.

So, finally, three or four days later, the web server should be close to running. Now I have to try getting axkit running.

So I have to make all the plane reservations and confirmations and I get a pen.

My ma is visiting Japan and she’s bringing back presents. My sister, the favored one, is going to get a fancy digital camera, and I’m getting — wait for it — a pen. I bet I’m going to get a $5 “Hello, Kitty” pen. And from what I hear, the camera was hard to find and had to be purchased at full retail. For a Sony camera, that has to be expensive.

Why do I need a pen when I have the ultimate pen already?

Where should I park? Maybe somewhere that ISN’T HITTING MY CAR.

So I wonder what people are thinking when they park. If you hit someone’s car, you should — at the very least — move your car away so it doesn’t look like any damage was your fault.

This actually happened on the 31st. The kids at the grade school have a Hallowe’en parade for the grandparents and, by the make of the car, I’m guessing it was a grandparent. Oh, well. No real harm done.

My car was initially a magnet for trouble. Once I was parked on a slight incline and was hit by a pickup truck. The pickup was parked in neutral, with no emergency brake set. Later, I was hit by someone in front of a rap studio (next door to my ex-girlfriend’s place) and a crease was put in my door.

Knock-on-wood, I hope that’s all over.

Saw Lost in Translation.

Well, it was about two-thousand dollars cheaper than going to Japan. I heard from my friend that it is disrespectful to Japanese people, but I didn’t see that. What annoyed me most is how young Scarlett Johansson looked. According to the story, she was supposed to have graduated from Yale two years beforehand, but to me she looked like a little kid who had no place in the bars she was in. IMDB revealed her age to be 18.

I think it was another case of poor casting, like Elisha Cuthbert in 24. When Elisha Cuthbert was cast on 24 as a teenager, she was only 18 but looked older and, well, hotter. It was hard to believe her character was so young (and so stupid, but that’s another story).

I don’t know who does this casting. Probably the same clown who keeps getting Ben Affleck in movies. Ugh.

I turned in an application for a gas meter reader today and found out that when they ask for ten years of history, you’re supposed to give them ten years of history. I also found out, after walking through a bad part of town, that the post office only prints out a few applications for their jobs and you have to arrive early to pick one up. So much for that.

There’s always the question about what I’m doing.

I can’t believe I actually filled up my hard drive with all my ripped CDs. At the moment I’m re-ripping them with AAC because my time’s worth less than the cost of a new hard drive in my laptop. I suppose I could always buy the iPod I said I’d buy myself for my graduation present, but as I said before, no job and no rich girlfriend mean no iPod.

Most of the entry level jobs I’m looking at are really entry level and don’t require any degree. For that reason, they figure I’m just throwing in my résumé for no reason and they don’t respond. I got one response today, finally, after about twelve tries. They warned me about the pay, but I’d like to find out what the job is before I pass it by. Unfortunately, it’s another sysadmin job, and it probably entails after-hours work, keeping servers running 24×7, getting yelled at by everyone, etc. I’d much rather have one of the other two jobs I’m looking at: postal carrier and gas meter reader.

Wish me luck.

Nightmares r us.

I have trouble getting to sleep sometimes. After initially falling asleep, I’ll immediately have some odd dreams and wake up. Often the dreams go awry and I’m in some nightmare that isn’t frightening from any rational standpoint, but does wake me up and keep me from falling asleep for a while.

It was worse when I was in high school. I’d have a recurring dream where there was a bright light outside my room, and I’d know it was some sort of UFO. And I couldn’t wake up right away. I’d keep dreaming that I woke up but still be in another level of the dream, with the UFO still outside the window. The worst experience was when I woke up, really woke up, and looked through the window just as LifeFlight was landing a helicopter in the park a block over. As the helicopter passed overhead, I just about jumped through the window.

I guess I’m not the only one with problems with nightmares when I first fall asleep. There are cases where people feel the Night Hag sitting on their chest and sucking out their breath. This is something that I even heard about in a psychology class.

Last night I had a more run-of-the-mill nightmare. A guy was breaking in through my window, and I had to try to convince him to leave, and to leave what he took. He had chiseled away part of the window. I remember thinking the best part was that I need to replace the window anyway. But I couldn’t get the guy to leave, and he was in my bedroom. I woke up with a stomach-ache.

Well, it’s almost time for sleep to see if I have some more interesting dreams. Like maybe a third annoyingly useless one about a particular woman who already has a boyfriend. Oh, well, too sleepy to write more sensibly.

All day I think of things to write and when I see this blank screen…

Nothing. But it was a bee-yoo-tee-ful day here in Portland today. I spent most of the day chasing compilation errors in some computer programs, mainly net-snmp in Fink. I suppose we all need our hobbies.

Yesterday I went to the funeral of a friend’s mom. I’ve known him and his family for more than thirty years. Maybe because it was a parent instead of a peer, there was a sense of distance to the whole affair. Since many of the people attending were Mormon, they seemed to think she was in a better place, a place I don’t understand at all. It was good to see the family doing so well and, at the very least, Mrs. Kelly is at peace.

Why is it that the two World Series™ games I missed were ones where the Marlins won? I guess I should be happy that the World Series™ is over and I can get back to watching football. And while there really isn’t anything interesting going on in my life, I can at least take pleasure in the fact that the Cowboys lost.

Some people don't believe my luck.