Half-year update on the resolutions.

Hmm. Come to think of it, I’m a bit late on this. But I was late on the resolutions in the first place. Let’s see how I’m doing.

  1. Attend more parties. I think I’ve gone to just about everything I’ve been invited to. Movie nights and etc. I even went to a barbecue that I didn’t want to. I don’t get invited to too many things, so this one has been easy this year.
  2. Haven’t eaten nor have I even found anyplace that has Turducken. Last time I even mentioned Turducken was in the elevator at the Omni Parker House in Boston. The guy I was rambling at said, “Come on down to Texas. We’ve got it.”
  3. I haven’t visited Reno or Las Vegas or somewhere else in the Southwest. Well, I sure as hell am not going to do it in the middle of the summer.
  4. I haven’t hiked any trails in the gorge. There’s still time for that.

So, at megacorp I’d be only 1/4 and they’d probably rate me as a failure at this point. My sister has mid-year resolution for me, too. Don’t quit my job until I’ve bought her a birthday present. HAHAHAHA.

3 thoughts on “Half-year update on the resolutions.”

  1. Vegas is fantastic. Reno is hmmm… Not Vegas. I feel justified walking through casinos and seeing people stare for hours at a little screen, poking buttons and hoping for success. Yes, these same people that would ask me, “How do you sit at a computer all day long?”. Plus Vegas has some good food and swank casinos with decent air filters (Reno makes my eyes red at 11am in the morning). Where else do you get to stare at lions, tigers, dolphins, and scantily clad cocktail waitresses who actually look fantastic in said outfit?

    There’s some excellent deals for Vegas going on, well into fall. E-mail me if you’d like me to forward them. Booking the trip through Costco.com Travel can also result in an excellent deal.

    You might be able to get Turkducken in Vegas. Really lots of novel restaurants there.

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