I am a f*cking idiot

I have a bunch of fears, as most people do, and one of them is about the keyboard on my MacBook Pro. A minor fear, but it is on the list.

The new MacBook Pro’s came out this week, and I saw a bunch of articles about how they fixed the keyboard! I saw I could get money for a trade-in so went out and bought a new MacBook Pro! So easy! Order online and pick it up in the store!

Well it turns out they didn’t mean “fixed”. They just meant “changed”. My new Mac probably isn’t that much better in the keyboard department than the one I had. I am an idiot.

At least I’m supposed to get almost 50% of the cost back for my trade-in and at least it resets my clock on getting the keyboard fixed. I still have a job (so far) and I can afford to upgrade my MacBook Pro. It’s hard to tell how big a mistake I’ve made until I actually make the mistake so I guess it’s time to wait and see.

Welcome to my new best friend, the 2019 MacBook Pro.