So much for blogging.

I thought I’d be posting more but I’m not. It used to be the cool thing to do but the world has moved on. But now I don’t even look at Facebook or Twitter that much.

I just had to go to my dentist for a sore tooth. Turns out it wasn’t much of anything he could figure out, but the big news is that he’s FINALLY RETIRING. He’s the only dentist I’ve ever had, and it’s his 90th birthday tomorrow! So much is changing.

I should probably eat at home more often. I’ve been going out a lot and I should be saving my money since everyone keeps asking me when I’m going to retire. I don’t know if I could retire anytime soon but it is the fantasy that’s going around right now (i.e. not just for me.)

Anyway, there it is. Lots of airy thoughts that could’ve been tweeted if I could be bothered to tweet. I’m too old to be typing on a phone screen, though.

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