Oh god, has it been more than a year?

So is blogging still a thing? Does anyone even read blogs any more? Do I even have the ability to match tenses when I’ve had several beers and very little dinner?

I sure haven’t been posting much and let me give you the short version before I go rambling on:

  • Work sucks, and I’m not going to talk about it because I gave up talking about work on a public blog.
  • My mom passed away last year and I had to pay $24,000 in estate taxes. (And it does sound like I’m talking about taxes to avoid talking about the emotional parts of it all.)

What’s happened in that all that time? I think I’ve been through at least two more gyms, doing yoga and then doing kettlebells. Right I’m being quite lazy. I screwed up my back on Thanksgiving moving a queen-sized mattress by myself and it’s still bothering me in odd ways. I got the long-lasting head -> chest -> throat cold that’s been going around and I’m still hoarse. All that means I’m just being fat and drinking beer which seems to be a much more appropriate hobby for a man of my years.

Recreate Fitness is re-re-opening and so I might be back to my old routine, working out and blogging, but who knows? The workouts seem a lot easier (everyone is older, after all) and so my blogging might be just as reduced.And as I implied, I’m not sure blogging is still a thing. Maybe I need to just post a bunch of selfies on Instagram.