A stellar start to 2018!

  1. My yoga studio is canceling all the hot yoga classes and most hot power fusion classes, and the 5PM class. (Can you guess which classes I go to most often?)
  2. Beer causes cancer.
  3. Sessions is going after cannabis, which may be one of the only ways Oregonians can put up with 45.
  4. All my computers are pwned (Maelstrom & Spectre).
  5. My new blood pressure medication is probably causing extreme stomach upset.
  6. I had a hangover after two whole beers.
  7. Some clown decided that stabbing my front tire would be a good idea this morning and that wasn’t cheap to fix.

I’m hoping it doesn’t get so bad that I have to get even more medicated.

One thought on “A stellar start to 2018!”

  1. I’m going to need a link for that beer causes cancer thing.

    My dad had to convince his dr to switch him to a new blood pressure medicine b/c he was getting super sick to his stomach with his old one. And of course they wouldn’t believe him.

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