Do I never post on this blog?

There’s really nothing that interesting going on in my life is there? Go to work, go home, go to the gym, go home. It’s a little more interesting than that usually but take this last weekend. The friends I have that keep me from being too sober were all busy or missing so I went to the gym, came home, and did things around the house. Sorted QSL cards for the ham radio club (it’s a longer, more boring story, but you don’t need that). Calculated postage for the bundles of cards. Mailed the cards.

That didn’t take up all the time so  enough so I spent some time trying to find a way to play Pandora on my Mac without installing Adobe Flash. That meant trying a bunch of programs that didn’t work and then a few hours of porting a program called “pianobar” to the Mac. It wasn’t hard, but it was tedious. If I’d read a little further, I would’ve seen there’s a program called “Hermes” that you can just download and run on the Mac to play Pandora to your heart’s content.

So besides that, all I did this weekend was go to the gym. I have gone back to Crossfit-ing, which really just means a lot of self-doubt and seeing how I’m good at none of the things they do. There’s a lot of hard stuff as well as cheating on some exercises and I’m bad in both areas. It’s really just me beating myself up about my own inadequacies. I’m old, slow, and weak. Ah well. I guess I should be proud of all the work I put in to get this this state of old, slow, weakness.