So much for the gym.

Every time I think about going to the gym more than a couple times a week, I seem to get sick. Fortunately not really sick, but bad enough that I have to sleep more rather than exert myself. Today I wasn’t feeling bad at all but it turns out it’s my buddy Il’s birthday which I can never remember. Turns out he’s jinxed that way and his wife even had trouble convincing herself it was today even though she wished him a happy birthday early this morning.

Usually Il’s birthday means our annual ritual of gluttony at Ringside. This year they didn’t have the proper plans in place so we ended up getting fried chicken (a big plus) at Popeye’s (usually not so bad). So not only didn’t I make it to the gym, I went to the opposite of the gym. Did I eat sensibly? Of course not, I was at Popeye’s. And I couldn’t not go to Il’s birthday dinner, even if it was at Popeye’s.

Did I mention that I weigh more than I ever have before? Oh well. My New Year’s resolution is to do some yoga. I keep talking about it and even looked up some schedules for beginners classes. Maybe I’ll even make it in the door.

One thought on “So much for the gym.”

  1. Have you found Ox yet? The food is really good even if it is kind of a Portlandia experience (very complex dishes that sound ridiculous but taste delicioys).

    You can take Il for a late birthday dinner and eat great but it isn’t as much food as Ringside so you won’t have to do as much yoga later.

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