Easy dating

Hey, I found out how my neighbors who split up recently found other people to date within months when I spent most of my 30’s in my parent’s basement. Heck, they have kids and dogs and everything. One had a fraternity brother introduce him to a relative, the other had a friend who is a hairdresser introduce her to a client. Of course, my hairdresser friends are convinced I need to be going out with guys, so they aren’t doing me much good.

So, discussing this with my friends, I need to find a woman who wants:

  • A guy who lives at home with his parents,
  • has no job, and
  • sweats a lot.

Oh, and not insane would be good.

I found out that on my thrice weekly 5-mile runs that I lose about 3 to 5 pounds by sweating. That’s three to five pints. A half-gallon of sweat? I must be leaving body parts on the road without realizing it.