Key Bank sucks ass.

Most everyone who deals with Key Bank (or has dealt with Key Bank) told me, “Well, duh. Everyone knows they suck ass.” What they do well is to charge my poor mother fees for every little thing she does. She transferred a bunch of money into a Key Bank investment from a Key Bank CD and it just meant a free-for-all on extra added charges. So, usually, we go into the local branch and talk to the local manager. Every stinking month they’d charge her $12 and she’d have it credited back.

But guess what? The branch manager transferred. So I go in there and this new guy is giving me the hard line on the apparently non-refundable $25 fee on all IRAs under $1000. “Call the number on the statement,” he says. I tell him what we usually do and am about to tell him how much I love the voice maze on the phone line. He holds the thing behind his back and says, “I can’t do that.” I ask why. He tells me, “It’s not even your account.”

His demeanor and his lack of helpfulness made me want to call him a runty little pile of crap, but instead I said, “Call the police. If you think I stole this account information, call the police. I’ll wait for them.” He refused so I asked for something more reasonable, the number for the old branch manager and his name. Hector Martinez. I was expecting something else, something more Middle Eastern, but what do I know?

Later, I spent a half-an-hour in voice maze hell and had my questions answered. The general answer that Key Bank gave me is: withdraw all your money and put it somewhere else. The penalties for closing out a less-than-$1000 IRA are less than the $25 yearly fee and there’s no reason to keep a small checking account at such an annoying bank.

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  1. The big banks are getting to be fee happy. We had our business account at BB&T which is big in the southeast until they started charging fees left and right. They charge businesses to depotsit money!!! WE pulled almost all of the business aovunts out of BB&T and switched to a much smaller local bank that doesn’t offer as much but it has very few fees. I pulled my personal accounts out of of big bank and went to a credit union. I pay no fees. Pull your mom’s money out, it will be worth it in the long run. Yet another one of your nutty sister’s knitting friends.

  2. Key Bank is miserable! My boyfriend never would have gotten out of debt if he had kept his account there. Yes, fees for everything. Charter One, now Citizens Bank, was also horrible. Now we have our accounts in a local bank and we have had no problems so far.

  3. Key bank should be closed for some of thier business practices. The charge fees for transactions that haven’t even posted to your account. I hate key bank. they will never receive another dime from me.

  4. No kidding!!! Key has screwed me over something ridiculous. There’s been a few times I’ve called their customer service (ha!) to ask about charges on transactions that haven’t posted to me account, or didn’t put me into overdraft in the first place, and was given nothing but the run-around. Key seems to have a nasty habit of changing their stories and business practices to whatever suits them for the moment. Fuck Key!!!

  5. Since moving in June, (this is now Oct.) I have requested my address be changed 3 times now. I still have received no monthly checking acct. statements & have learned as of last night that my account is $750 overdrawn!! there is NO WAY! we have deposited over 1400.00 in a 2 week period into the account!!! NO WAY! I haven’t used my debit card in the last 2 weeks! and have written 3 checks one for 585.00 for rent, one for 18.96 and one for 18.43–and that totals over 2100.00? In the single month of sept., my deposits total 2123.00! There is NO WAY my account is overdrawn 750.00! The math doesn’t even add!!!
    in one day alone, there are 11 charges of 31.00 and 10 charges for 4.50 ?? totalling a whopping 386.00! my rent check bounced, which it shouldn’t have and today is now Sat.–good luck getting any explanation today!
    Has anyone else had this problem?

  6. I HATE BB&T! They have scammed us out of sooooooooo much money. They issued us a visa bank card and we had repairs done to our car. I went to the bank the day before and put the money into our account so it would clear the next day, we just didnt feel comfortable carrying around that much money. It was a cash deposit, which is supposed to enter the account immediately, well the next day 3ish in the evening, we paid for our car repairs with the Visa bank card. Low and behold it bounced! They intentionally held our money 4 days!!! 4!!! Since when does it take a cash deposit 4 days to clear?? Not only did that bounce but 5 other items we bought did as well. So you add $34.00 6 times, what do you get??? $204 in fees. To make it worse, it was at the last of the month and because it took 4 days for the money to go thru our maintanance fee came out and there was another $34.00. They are robbers to say the least, but what are you supposed to do? They are everywhere. Seems like no one is complaining about their policies. I called and complained and got no where. I would like to know if anyone else out there has had a bad experience with this bank. I know I cant be the only one that they are sqrewing out of money.

  7. uh uh, buncha shit cocks if yask me! opened my account at key about 4 months ago and havent received my debit card. whats worse is they have apparently sent it 3 times and i have necver received it. so they fuckin charged me 3 times for a crappin card. assholios!

  8. Lets take a moment to discuss why Citizens Bank sucks big ass. Lets charge a fee for usage and then add overdraft fees because the account was over drawn because of usage fees. For a GRAND TOTAL of $215. Let’s not forget that my payroll check was just deposited today and of the $290 that was my check this week I have only $42 dollars to my name. Oh yes, they are a bank that looks out for the little piss ant citizens like you and I. The people that have to work really hard to earn their money. We don’t simply sit behind a desk and type away at a computer. Oh, and I don’t work banker’s hours. I never thought that I wuold have to get a second job for my fees habit. Fuck Citizen’s Bank. Go back to Scottland. IF you want to get fucked up the ass with a giant unlubricated dick bank with Citizens.

  9. Being a banker/bank teller is not easy. You have no fucking idea. Read what you are signing up for, and DONT USE MONEY YOU DONT HAVE. Or if you do, dont be surprised when the bank charges for covering your ass. ALso, I know Citizens is open like, all of the time, so Im pretty sure the employees hours arent so sweet.

  10. I just got the biggest runaround over trying to close a Key checking account I haven’t used in over a year….I called their customer service 3 months ago to find out how much the line of credit payoff was (all their fees, since I haven’t even used the account) and it was $76 and change. She told me she couldn’t take the payment over the phone (how convenient) and I moved so I no longer have a Key branch within 200 miles of me, so I mailed the payment along with a written request to close the account. I didn’t receive a statement last month so I thought the matter was closed. Come to find out, it took them 3 weeks to post my payment and in the meantime I was charged another $25 for an annual fee and another 20.00 late fee. I called their (lack of) customer service and told them what happened and asked that they waive the fees that were charged during the 3 weeks they were doinking around with my payment and she would not waive it. Now I have to pay $56 more dollars to close this account. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said no supervisor was available and even if there was, they wouldn’t do anything more for me. She told me collections “might” be able to take a payment over the phone so she transferred me, and after a few minutes my call was dumped to some phone survey. Needless to say, Key’s customer service is sorely lacking.

  11. listen to what happened to me at citizens okay…. i put in 50 dollars an annual fee over darfted me for 17 $ whcih was okay with me … i went to the bank and put another 100 dollars in the bank to cover the fee and so i could use the card again… well some how i was charged with another overdraft for 35 $ when then they charged me a 35 $ services fee? No one at the bank could tell me what that was. I was never told i was so i kept using my card thinking i have like 70 $ and for everytime i used my card i was charged again and again…now still not aware of whats going on… i call the bank to make sure that well i wasn’r over they tell me im in 400-….

    SOOO i go to the bank to talk to someone because i know that i haven’t use it for more then manybe a coffee i asked for a print out of my charges now the mangers looking at the print out not even knowing what to say about these rediculous charges and tells me he’ll call me took down my number and never calls me back so after 2 days i call again and the overdrafts now at 540 $

    I go there and they told me that they will take off a 100$ and thats it when i only used 155.76 $ ?? Yet i put 150 In i just don’t get it they are nice ppl but they make no sences

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