Mariko isn’t posting, why should I?

Not much new today. Peter was supposed to be away for dinner, so I was going to go to the gym. He ended up coming back to my parents’ house, so I was supposed ot skip the gym and head home.

Not a whole lot to report after that. I ended up in the basement trying to get some electronic gadgetry to work. Unfortunately, everything I touched went to hell today. The morse code gadget I was playing with the other day now has a fine display on it, but it no longer makes any sound. The PIC programmer I bought no longer connects to the computer.

Plus, all sorts of mysterious knit bloggers are leaving me comments. I BLAME MY SISTER.

6 thoughts on “Mariko isn’t posting, why should I?”

  1. Hey, I always blame my brother for everything so blaming your sister is fair! And just do what you want for one. Stop being number 1 son and be a n ormal American son sometimes. Or so says a mysterious knit blogger.

  2. another mysterious knitblogger, i am! speaking of morse code, i knit a hat for someone and intarsia’d (technique to put different colors into a knit) *i am stinky lalala* in morse code onto it.

  3. i resent being referred as a mysterious knit blogger. would you like to host my blog? it’s very pretty. and brown.

  4. You are the old man….who keeps track of pizza? Don’t be a brat just because there was some strange man in your house acting like you and your dad!!!

    Love ya’ lots

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