So many things half-done.

Well, I have plans for more antennas. One up on the roof and one on the garage. Unfortunately, all I got done today was taking down the old antenna from the garage. I’m missing cabling, connectors, a rotator, and the second antenna. I don’t even have enough parts to put together one of the two antennas yet, but I’m getting closer.

I also rewired an outlet in the basement which ended up taking me on a drive out to the Home Depot for a $2.53 receptacle cover. Kind of a long trip just for something so cheap, but I thought it said it was closer to $20 but I misread the web site and that was for a pack of 10. Unfortunately my local hardware store didn’t have it, but I did end up there three times today to get things that they did have.

After declaring victory over the new outlet, I started putting together a kit that I’ve had sitting around for a while that decodes radioteletype signals. Unfortunately, I realized too late that it’s supposed to be connected to a another kit that I put together years ago (possibly a decade ago) and I’m not sure where that is any more. I think I saw it last week as I was looking for something else, but that’s going to be another mess to sort through. Wish me luck.