Upgrade fever.

The best version of Microsoft Word I ever had was the old 5.1a that would run on a Mac SE. But today I went and bought Office 2011 and immediately had to update the software after I installed it. Fortunately, most things update automatically over the intarwebs, but some things still require manual intervention. My new NetBSD system, for example, gets the WHOLE operating system rebuilt several times a day, just for the fun of it. That’s why I like having faster and faster computers. Even the Linux OS that I installed at work today took an hour to download a bunch of updates before I could get it running. What a mess.

Too bad I can’t order updates for my life or anything. The only updates I can think of are to eat more delicious food that would cause me to balloon to the size of a small truck, meaning I would probably have to buy a small truck to haul my carcass around town. I’m still looking into getting a Prius for three reasons: Heated Leather Seats. Ok, so that’s three words, not three reasons, but I still like them.