More calf sleeves.

My sister got me some compressions sleeves for my calves since I’ve been having trouble with them cramping up. They look rather silly, but they seem to work. That, and rolling my IT band, which is supposed to be tight but doesn’t really hurt when I actually try to roll it. Funny that, but it seems to help. My body remains a mystery to me sometimes.

Like why couldn’t I sleep last night? I was tossing and turning and I wonder if the dark beer I had with dinner was really just a coffee drink in disguise. Maybe I should give up drinking; my buddy Sean, a fellow burger connoisseur, is back to being a vegetarian. Actually, that sounds like a reason I need to drink more. Maybe I should follow up on that email that says it’s a job interview from Google Japan. If nobody will have a burger with me here, I can leave the country and have burgers on another continent. That’ll show ’em.