Guys who do jiu jitsu are flakes.

So we cancelled burger club this week in favor of salad club because several of the usual suspects are participating in a jiu jitsu tournament this weekend and they’re watching their girlish figures. In fact, I went as far as looking for a vegetarian restaurant for the guys, but like my sister says, we only go to vegetarian restaurants BY ACCIDENT. Anyway, instead of burgers, we did Thai food but NONE OF THE FLAKES SHOWED UP. Sean had a good excuse: he was feeling sick. But Jeff said he had to punt to get some work done. Come on, jiu jitsu guys DON’T HAVE JOBS. At least the Thai omlette was as good as I remember at Thai Orchid on Burnside. I know they think they’re too good for us, but at least we had a good time.

I finally filled out my census form today. I KNEW it said I was supposed to do it after April 1st, so those census guys better not be coming around.

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