Eleven years ago I told my crazy friend Megan that I was going to buy Ricky Martin’s CD if (when) he came out of the closet. Today I bought two. Good luck Ricky!

I had something else I was thinking about, but really I can’t remember what it was. I decided I was going to take it easy at the gym, but instead I started doing extra pushups during the Renegade Row in the “Kill Me Now” workout. Chip Conrad wouldn’t think they were extra, though. Basically, I think that pretty much used all the glucose up in my noggin.

I was going to quote from some personals ads of people who were looking at my profile because I can’t do broken English like a real Nigerian scammer can, but the profiles were taken down already. The only other activity was from a 24YO serving in Iraq. Really, I don’t know what to think about that, other than identity theft. It’s not that I see the glass as half-empty, I see it as half-full of bad-tasting, smelly, and possibly harmful liquid.