Extreme pessimist my ass.

Well, there you go. I even got an invitation to become a Facebook friend with someone who looks like a real person who wrote in COMPLETE SENTENCES with no MISSPELLINGS. They liked my blog postings, thank you very much. In any case, I don’t think I’m an extreme pessimist at all. An extreme pessimist is the guy who thinks, “Wow, lots of good things are happening to me right now and I wonder how it’s all going to turn to shit,” where I’m more likely to think, “Well this isn’t turning out the way I’d hoped, what now?” And in my experience it usually does go slightly downhill. I’d think that was more along the lines of being a slightly negative realist. Most people who work in a customer service related field know what I’m talking about.

So here’s another mystery for you: I go to the gym five times a week, lifting moderate weights like 24kg kettlebells dozens of times (that’s 53lbs snatched on each arm at least 5x 12 times each arm) or deadlifting 325lbs and I got a cramp in my back by screwing an anchor into drywall to mount a flashlight onto the wall. Basically, that’s using a screwdriver on something that is about as tough as butter. As my dad would say, “What the hell?”

Back to the intarweb, though, those fake Facebook friend invitations are nice to get, too. Lots of photos of attractive women and interesting emails that sound like,

I very nice girl, very much like to go in for sports I run more often! I wish to find to myself the person with which would be happy!!! Very much I wait for your letters!!!”

Oh, wait, that’s just a cut-and-paste of a personals email I got last week. The realist in me (not the pessimist) knows I don’t have it in me to date a real “very nice girl” who “very much wait for my letters” but at least it’s nice to see that the intarweb scammers are still thinking about me. It’s nice to be wanted.

Maybe I should go check match.com again, or as I like to call it, “I don’t know what I’m looking for but it sure the hell ain’t you dot com.” I figure I should finish one of the eleven fiction books I have in my stack before I start in on that sort of intarweb fiction, even if I am throwing away a monthly fee on it.

One thought on “Extreme pessimist my ass.”

  1. gosh, I would have invited you to be a friend on FB but I figure you MUST be sick of this strange woman lurking about your site. Plus I no more run often. I run less often much as possible.

    I got a personals email last week where all he wants to do is lavish me with gifts and attention and spoil me. You know the profile is a total scam then. The real guys are the ones who put up pictures of their ATVs and who want a woman who will basically obey them and cook for them. “No games” which means “please don’t have any goals for yourself.”

    So sad.

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