Foster Burger is worth going to.

My hay fever is killing me right now. None of the sneezing or itching today, but I was pooped. I couldn’t think straight and I was dragging around. This happens to me every spring and it’s fairly miserable.

So I made it back to Foster Burger for Sean & Trevor’s birthday dinner. It was a random affair that I had to twist arms to get going. Fortunately, Sean & Trevor both showed up. In any case, Foster Burger seems to be up and running and I can now say that the burger is definitely worth going to eat now. It’s not my favorite, and there’s nothing that jumped out at me about it, but the sweet bun complements the quality meat and I’d tell anyone that it’s up there on the list of burgers to try. I’m putting it below Hopworks on the pub scale, but at 8:30PM on this Wednesday you’d be hard pressed to find a seat at Hopworks but there were patio seats at Foster Burger. And if you were looking outside, you could have seen me do the worst job of parallel parking ever. Twice. It took me five tries to get off the damn curb. Sometimes you got it and sometimes you don’t. And sometimes your parallel parking is so bad that someone might put it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Foster Burger is worth going to.”

  1. No, actually I ALWAYS parallel park well – I have even been applauded by strangers (my sister is very good at it too). However, for some reason I can’t ice skate. I’ve got to get that one figured out because I should be able to do it.

    Thanks for the re-review. It was really nice of you to come all the way over here the check it out again so I didn’t accidentally go there when they were bad. I am glad I can go there now.

    Actually I have been thinking it might be OK to go there for about 3 weeks, I just haven’t made it yet. I have been to Hopworks a few times but never had the burger. I am sorry I didn’t because the pizza was not that great. But now it is mostly too busy. If I am gong to wait for a table, I expect Apizza Scholls at the end of my wait.

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