Now what did I do today?

I think I was going to either write some code I don’t need to, or some database work I don’t need to. I think I talked myself out of coding, since it’s a parser of semi-freeform resumes. Instead, I spent most of the day trying to get a laptop ready for the ham radio contest season. And I’m updating software on several of my computers.

We had a big lightning storm today but fortunately we didn’t lose power this time. PGE is doing some substation work in the neighborhood and the power can go out even without any help from the weather.

Perhaps I should make a list of the things I should be working on (besides looking for an elusive job):

  • Porting TrustedQSL software to NetBSD and MacOS X
  • Putting the DX club roster in a database
  • Fixing my blog software

And once again, I can’t think of what else I was going to put on the list.