Ain’t no interior decorator.

That reminds me, has these Herman Miller Caper XR office chairs on sale for $249 with free shipping. My regular lunch crew and I saw some and thought they were plasticky pieces of crap until we sat in them and each one of us said, “Oh, that’s nice!” I think I just bought a bright green one to replace my dad’s old office chair that was falling apart and ended up in the landfill. The room it’s going in is still looking like a battle zone, but that should be taken care of soon. I trust the contractors.

Speaking of which, I really can’t recommend frameless shower doors. Mine has been leaking since I got it and I finally had the manager of the company come out to look at it. He said, “Yup, it leaks,” when water poured out of the corner and didn’t do anything about it. He did suggest that I move the door a fraction of an inch before my next shower, but that only helped a little. I wonder what I’m supposed to do, just live with it or replace it with a framed shower door?

One thing I do know is that I’m offended by the $0.39 outlets that the electrician installed in the house and I’m replacing them with Leviton Prograde 15A Nylon Duplex Outlets which are a mere $5.44 each. I know, those outlets are for businesses where they plug and unplug things many times a day, but they’re so nice. I don’t know design, but I know outlets, and I don’t like chintzy ones. It’s a wonder I’m not married to some nice guy with an outlet fetish by now.

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