50% is a failing grade.

I set my sights pretty low on the weekends because I know how much I enjoy sitting on my butt. I only had two things I was going to do today, attend our yearly block party and fix the lights in the basement. Unfortunately two things stood in the way. First was the Japanese TV show that I downloaded off of the intarweb. It’s based in Osaka, near where I lived when I was there, so I have even more reason to watch the show. The other reason was that I might have the same stomach problems my mom has now. Every time I eat, I get a stomachache and start feeling weak.

I surprised myself by getting up and finishing the wiring (I was already started when my stomach started hurting) but I didn’t make it to the block party. I also finished all of the episodes of Tantei Knight Scoop I have already, so that won’t be a problem. Unfortunately, my weekend is already over, and my stomach still kind of hurts. My nagging calf cramp hasn’t gone away either. At least the air conditioning still works, because it’s supposed to be close to 100°F for three days.