I’m the AC man.

My brother-in-law has been having some health problems and we’re wondering if it’s triggered from the heat. I had a portable air conditioner just sitting around because we put in central air conditioning, but I gave it to Devon from the gym who is pregnant because who really wants to see a pregnant woman suffer in the heat? So it was time to hit Sears and Costco. Unfortunately, the heat was getting to my brother-in-law, so I ended up buying the thing. I thought it was a little unwieldy, but realized that it was hard to manhandle because it was ninety-five pounds! In any case, he’s going to set it up in his basement because we’re supposed to have a record-breaking stretch of above-90°F weather here in Portland. We’re not used to that sort of heat here.

In any case, it’s Friday, and I’m watching some TV like usual. I found a bunch of Tantei Knight Scoop from the Osaka area. They get questions from listeners and have some comedians go and try to find out the answers. The questions are like:

  • My 36-year-old husband thinks he can play volleyball at the Olympic level. Can you find out if he can? (He couldn’t, but never gave up.)
  • Can you help a 40-something man make an “Ultra Q” monster from his youth?
  • Can you help find a bug that my dad used to eat when he was a kid?
  • I’m really into animal whiskers. Can you find a walrus with whiskers I can touch?

The questions are weird, but the show is pretty fun at times. I remember it used to show late on Friday night at 11:17PM, right after the 11PM news and the following ads. Funny how I’m watching it and it’s probably about the right day and time of night for it to be on the air if I was back in Osaka. And really, I should probably be asleep wherever I am.