Tired or not.

I’ve been pretty tired all week but unable to sleep very well. It’s probably all the stress from the furnace construction. I mean really, I had to spend probably a full seven days emptying out rooms so we could get the chimney torn down and the asbestos-covered HVAC vents removed. We also needed natural gas lines put in and the old hulking furnace is being replaced by a svelte hybrid (gas/electric) unit.

At this point, most of the demolition is finished and we’re rid of the chimney (and the roof is patched) and the asbestos is gone. Now the old furnace has to be removed, the old vents replaced, and the heat pump and exchanger installed. None of that seems to be as big a deal as the earlier deconstruction. We should be good to go with the whole system some time early next week. I hope this means my subconscious worries have subsided and I can get some sleep tonight. We’ll see.