Not quite as tired, but just as screwed.

I spent all day moving things around and I did get some things accomplished. I moved the “server” out of the basement so it wouldn’t be down for a week-and-a-half and the people who look at my sister’s silly blog that doesn’t even update all that often won’t get their panties in a bunch. I sorted out several more boxes of books. I cut some holes in the wall to see exactly where the old chimney was. And I discovered that I didn’t get all that much done and that I probably have a lot more to move than I thought.

There’s a benchmark workout at the gym on Saturday and I may just have to miss it. Maybe. I have so much crap to move around. The problem is that I’m trying to sort things into pile of keeping or giving away and that takes time. I also have to figure out who to give things to.

I felt a lot less tired today than yesterday, but I probably did worse time-wise at the workout than I did yesterday. I never do that well on Thursdays.

My mom noticed one of our old family friends had passed away. That family has had some issues with inheritances and my mom said it’s a good thing that we don’t have those sorts of issues. Hah. To prove her wrong, I called my sister and asked if she wanted any more of my dad’s crap. She said, “Hell no,” and even tried to give me back the trunk that my brother-in-law fished out of my garage a few weeks ago. It was a steamer trunk that was probably made in the 40’s. Turns out he thinks it’s moldy and he thinks he’s allergic to it. I guess we have the reverse issues as most people who fight over the inheritance.

Tomorrow, Jay the Contractor is coming over to tell me how much crap I really need to clear out. Then I’m going to the Carton Store and buying way too many boxes and I’m going to stop sorting and just start pitching shit into the boxes, just like movers do. It’s going to be glorious.