The knitters, they are everywhere.

I finally made it back to the Recreate Fitness gym today and I found out that they’ve seen my blog. So I can’t talk about how hard it was, and it wasn’t really because I actually took their advice and TOOK IT EASY TODAY. I mean, I called in sick yesterday, I was away maybe two weeks with a cough, and I figured it was time to take it easy. It was hard enough, but I could have made it much, much harder. Check out their blog to see what they have us do.

The reason they’ve seen my blog is because Tina is a knitter. I think someone should convince her that sewing is fun, too, but I’m not about to take that up again. Somewhere I have a picture of the teddy bear I made. I haven’t done anything artsy-craftsy lately, though I have a Sound-activated Japanese Temple I should put together.

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