Finally, a semi-cheap lunch.

My boss likes our group to eat together and he only really eats once a day, so he doesn’t like to eat at the greasy spoons I tend to prefer. The good thing is that the food is better. The bad thing is that it can take a couple of hours and lunch costs somewhere between $9 and $15. When my boss is gone or busy, I like heading to the “trailer park” where a line of roach-coaches serve Mexican, Indian, Thai, Pho, Polish, Greek, Italian, etc. for around $5. The pizza place downstairs has a huge slice of pepperoni and a drink for $2.90. Ah. That’s the stuff.

Yesterday, lunch was a fish sandwich and it cost $15. That’s only because I had four oysters as well. The sandwich was good and the oysters were great.

The other weird part of my job is the commute. 35-40 minutes usually, but that’s if I walk the whole way. I love not driving. And I can listen to my iPod full of silly music on the way.

And the job isn’t so bad, either!