An auspicious day.

OK, so not hugely prosperous but still, a good day. First, Junior Slab gave me an iTune code! That doubled the number of songs to neurotically choose. It doesn’t feel like buying a CD for some reason. I buy all sorts of silly CDs (just ordered a Duran Duran singles box set, for example) but I can buy iTunes a song at a time and that makes me nervous. What if I waste the code on something uncool? What a weird thing to worry about.

When I got home I had a bunch of real mail and a padded envelope. One piece of real mail was from my car insurance. But it wasn’t a bill, it was a credit for $2.82. Then something plain that looked like an ad destined for my paper shredder was a check for $13.86 from the CD antitrust settlement.

The padded envelope was the most surprising thing: nine Pepsi bottle caps! Here I thought it was an odd ham radio thing, but it was a gift from a knitting blogger. All those hours of work on my sister’s blog and this could be the reward. Thanks Audrey!

2 thoughts on “An auspicious day.”

  1. What if you waste the itune on something uncool? What, are you kidding? You listen to Journey and the Pet Shop Boys and Wang Chung!!

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