Japan Day 63: Osaka

A fun day with not that many pictures. We went to Pronto and saw the dude. I think my sister snuck a picture. He wasn’t just reading his book today, he had a little keyboard he was typing on.

Then we walked around and wasted some time before I got my fancy ¥4950 haircut. It really isn’t that much when you consider I got a shave, face massage, shampoo, cut, and another shampoo. I think it would be more in the states.

Then we went back to the omurice soufflé place and I got the same thing I got last time.

After that we got massages and I was ready to pass out. But we went to my cousin’s and saw several (2 of 4 living in the area) and one spouse for dinner. Sanma, my favorite.

And that’s about it.