I was wrong about the last workout at Recreate Fitness.

I may not have attended the most classes at Recreate Fitness but I may have spent the most hours there of anyone who wasn’t an official employee. Today I went in just before noon to dismantle things and at least make sure they could haul out as much as possible. I can’t remember what I did, but I didn’t finish until almost 7PM and I’m dog tired.

I probably spent a couple of hours going up and down ladders. TRX anchors, speakers, rope climbing ropes, all came down. I carried a mini-fridge down the stairs and being a dummy I checked the contents AFTER I got it down. The stereo was boxed up. I got everything I thought was mine out of there (ladders, tools, etc) and that barely gave me enough time to go to a ham radio club meeting. After leaving the meeting early I got a text message from a co-worker who serendipitously let me know that I had a 9PM customer meeting. That left me just enough time to have a nutritious dinner from Jack-in-the-Box. What a day.

I forgot to add that I felt like I split my pants while doing all the climbing and lifting. I forgot about that and went out to get coffee. No screams from children or the homeless people camping on the route to the coffee shop. When I finally went to the bathroom I found out why. No rip in the pants. A HUGE RIP in my boxers. Well, if I didn’t put it on my blog no one would’ve known. And since no one reads my blog NO ONE KNOWS. Hahaha.


This isn’t the first time I quit Recreate Fitness, but this is the first time that Recreate Fitness quit me. The lease on the second space is up and real estate in Portland is nuts so they’re on hiatus. I’m afraid that the hiatus may be longer than expected but why worry about things I can’t control?

I took a break a couple of years back when I had a midlife crisis. Well, mostly bummed and midlife because, well, that’s supposed to be 40 +/- 20 years according to the intarwebs. (Seriously, 20-60?) Anyway, I’m on the immature side so 50-ish doesn’t seem to far off from midlife. Back to the non-math part of this, back a couple years I had an inkling that THMFIC wasn’t really feeling it any more and he was going to eventually close the gym. At the same time I went on a couple of dates with someone from OkCupid, she disappeared, and I realized that in 20 years I’d only gone out with two or three people from online dating sites and that meant this was probably the last time I was going on a date, EVER. So I tried to delete my Facebook account, put my name in to join a prestigious athletic club with a five-year waitlist, and started taking Judo instead of going to Recreate.

That was a bit of a mistake on my part. Everyone gets injured at Judo, and if you’re older (and you’re bad at Judo like I was) it takes longer to heal. I would’ve kept going, but there were reasons. And I found out that the only way to find out when things were happening at the dojo was to have a Facebook account. The injuries won out and I went back to Recreate.

There were some good things that came from my hiatus. I spent more time at work and that was good (and bad). More work means you get better reviews but it also means they expect you to do even more work. Constant improvements is the way of corporate America.

So here I am, old and on my way to becoming feeble. No more gym, a place where I used to spend a lot of my time. I’m thinking of taking up the banjo. Won’t anyone stop me?