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So much for the gym.

Every time I think about going to the gym more than a couple times a week, I seem to get sick. Fortunately not really sick, but bad enough that I have to sleep more rather than exert myself. Today I wasn’t feeling bad at all but it turns out it’s my buddy Il’s birthday which I can never remember. Turns out he’s jinxed that way and his wife even had trouble convincing herself it was today even though she wished him a happy birthday early this morning. Usually Il’s birthday means our annual ritual of gluttony at Ringside. This year they didn’t have the proper plans in place so we … Continue reading

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I need help.

Here we are in 2016. I wonder how many posts I had. I could probably install some sort of analysis tool or I could COUNT THEM ALL BY HAND and know there really weren’t that many. Blog schmog. I really haven’t been saying much lately. And why? I think I decided at some point to let everything go to seed. About 20 pounds ago I realized I was pretty darn fit but who saw me nekkid? Just my doctor and he really didn’t give a shit. So I quit the dieting, ate more Mexican food, and put a nice pot belly over my abdominal muscles. To be honest, I didn’t … Continue reading

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