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Japan 2015 Day 16

Time to go home! Sorry, but my Paul Bassett coffee wasn’t enough to keep me going on a day where I got up at 6:30AM JST on Thursday after a fitful night of sleep (due to drinking too many tasty Japanese microbrews) and went to bed around 4:30PM JST on Friday. My watch told me I got up at 6:30AM and went to sleep at 10:30PM of the same day, but that’s what time zones will do for you. So these pictures are late. I also found out that taking my morning medications with Aquarius Lemon leads to an upset stomach. My check out time wasn’t until 11AM and my … Continue reading

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Japan 2015 Day 15

Expect this to be the least coherent of my entries for my trip to Japan in 2015. I got up this morning not know that exactly to do. I had several possibilities: buy a pair of $200 jeans at Momotaro in Koenji, eat a hamburger in Koenji, and go to the Cheese Festa in Ebisu. I talked to my sister, who talked me out of spending $1891 for a seat upgrade on my flight back to Portland. She also suggested I go to Hoshino Coffee for pancakes, but they didn’t sell them until lunchtime. Fortunately they sold French Toast in a breakfast set. Then it really was off to Ebisu … Continue reading

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Japan 2015 Day 14

Wow, I really have no pictures today. I started out the day with a message from an old high school classmate who I actually met at a summer science camp in 3rd grade. He writes self-help books of sorts. (Is that what you’d call Seven Habits of Highly Effective People? Because he translated that into Japanese back in the day.) We spent the entire morning talking in the club lounge of the Ritz-Carlton. Not quite my regular breakfast spot. I’m not sure why I felt I had to eat lunch after that, but I went looking for the pumpkin sandwich I had a couple of years ago in Akihabara but … Continue reading

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Japan 2015 Day 13

I’m coming down with my usual Tokyo headache that I think has two causes. One is the pollution here. It’s not that noticeable but I’m sure it’s here. I’m also running into more smokers and that can’t help. My mom asked how fancy my current hotel is and it’s different fancy than the Mitsui Garden Hotel Premier Osaka. It’s like flashy fancy. The lobby has 3m tall ceilings and a balcony with a giant godzilla head. I mean seriously, WTF? Giant godzilla head? (I was taking that picture amongst a group of Russians and like my sister said, don’t f*ck with the Russians. It’s my estimation that any one of … Continue reading

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Japan 2015 Day 12

The fancy hotel failed me. There was a group of young people on the floor and they made a loud noise every single hour all night long. Either leaving the room or just making thumping noises. I did not get a lot of sleep last night. But I knew I’d better get something to eat because I was on the way to Tokyo, and the train takes a while (10AM – 1:30PM or later). I had breakfast in the fancy hotel’s restaurant and it was as good as the first time. After that it was a long ride on the shinkansen back to Tokyo. I fell asleep for a while … Continue reading

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Japan 2015 Day 11

Today was a good day for a nap. It started out a little rainy and cold and ended up just humid most of the day. For that reason I was looking for more caffeine (again). I started out with a different ¥490 morning set at Pronto who had the same deal on Saturday. I think I saw some cheaper sets elsewhere but I’m not sure they were as good. I decided to take a leisurely walk down Nakanoshima because, why not? When I got to the end I noticed I was almost to Osaka Castle again. I went the opposite direction and found myself at the end of the Tenjinbashi … Continue reading

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Japan 2015 Day 10

I’ll try going back to fill in some of the stuff I didn’t write about the past couple of days. It’s Friday night and I’m just sitting in my hotel room (like I’d do at home). I got off to a slow start this morning because I got in late. I went to see my cousin, and the shuttle stops running early. There’s a giant bath on the 16th floor, so I had to use that again and then bedtime got late. I figured I’d see one or two things, buy the last things on my mom’s wishlist, and then just sit in a park and read a book maybe. … Continue reading

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Japan 2015 Day 9

I’m running late because I went to visit my cousin. I’m going to post some pictures and then edit this in the morning. Woo, it took even later than I thought because of server certificate errors. Sheesh. The breakfast at the Mitsui Garden Hotel Premier Osaka is as fancy as you’d think for a place with a name like that. The price is fancy too but there’s some of anything you’d want. Comparable to the Castle Hotel Fukuyama. Good thing, too, since I was also doing laundry and the washer/dryer combo takes TWO HOURS to finish. There’s even breakfast for dessert! Today was my shopping day to try to get … Continue reading

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Japan 2015 Day 8

I probably didn’t sleep well last night because I didn’t think I was going to sleep well last night. I didn’t like the hotel much and that affected things. I kept hearing weird rumblings like there was a train station closer than it actually was. Maybe it was the subway. This hotel seems a lot better but we’ll see. Breakfast wasn’t bad. It was no Castle Hotel Fukuyama, but that place is special. The only real weird thing is the cappuccino machine wouldn’t shut off. I guess if you push the button three times it gives you 3x what you think and somehow it thought I pushed the button three … Continue reading

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Japan 2015 Day 7

Did I just pay $155 for a steak dinner? I started out the day in Fukuyama and I slept about as well as I thought I would. The shinkansen trains started before 6AM and they woke me up a couple of times. The hotel full of doctors was about as quiet as you’d expect, so that wasn’t a problem. Breakfast was even fancier than I’d expected. As soon as I sat down they asked if I wanted a custom-made omelet (of course I did) and they even had French toast. Here’s what I picked out, though. Quite worth the whatever-the-heck I said yesterday. Oh, and I did end up hitting … Continue reading

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Japan 2015 Day 6

I left Kokura and the semi-creepy hotel to get to Fukuyama and a hotel that’s creepy for a completely different reason. The Ail Inn (I mean really, that started things off weird) was just weird because it was dark. And there were no phones in the rooms, probably because no one was ever using them. When I finally realized it was a BUSINESS HOTEL, it all clicked and the place wasn’t that creepy any longer. HOWEVER, my new hotel is creepy because I don’t think I belong. The place is crawling with what I expect are rich doctors. There are EXPENSIVE kimono and flower shops and a wedding chapel here. … Continue reading

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Japan 2015 Day 5

I started out the day at the castle, taking the picture that disappeared off my phone yesterday. To be honest, I started out the day eating breakfast and not taking a picture for my sister. Fortunately, I’m here for another night. I took the train to Mojiko, and  was half a bust. Don’t trust the people who hand out the maps. I got on the “Town Discovery Course” and promptly got lost. The scale is all weird and I overshot the railway museum. I finally figured out and backtracked and the museum was worth it, small but definitely cool. That’s one of the old sleeper trains that no longer runs. … Continue reading

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