Stupid failing body.

Rickety creaky thing. The allergy shot I got on Monday (a shot full of allergens) gave me quite a reaction. A bit of wheezing and lots of itching. As soon as I started feeling off I took two Benadryl and took it easy, watching for any actual difficulty breathing. Fortunately, the Benadryl worked and there was no need to go to the Emergency Room, unless I wanted to go in and tell them, “I’m having an allergic reaction and my ass itches.” Stupid hives are the last thing to clear up.

I did call the allergist and I was supposed to take two more Benadryl before I went to sleep.

I’ve also noticed that I have some weird bumps that I thought were ingrown hairs that itch like crazy when I exercise. Maybe they’re connected to sweat glands. They got annoying enough that I went to the doctor to ask about them. You know what hurts a hell of a lot? A doctor poking a needle into what he called a “cyst” to inject it with something.

So the combination of all this is my excuse to do very little beyond sitting at home watching TV this week instead of going to the gym. If only it was already football season…

We can’t have nice things.

I’m finally back at the gym and I feel like I’m just limping around the place, but it is getting better. Being a geek who likes measuring things, I bought a Fit Bit Charge HR and it was fun for a week. Unfortunately I should’ve heeded the poor online ratings and known that if someone could have an allergic reaction to using it, I would have that reaction.


I had to make a trip to REI to return it. I also wandered around the store figuring that might distract me from the itching. Well, it worked for a while and the itching around my wrist is going away. Unfortunately the allergy desensitization shots I’m getting are still incredibly itchy. I sure hope they’re going to actually reduce my allergies and aren’t just pure hokum. Maybe they’re just crushed up mosquitoes. How would I know the difference?