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Stupid failing body.

Rickety creaky thing. The allergy shot I got on Monday (a shot full of allergens) gave me quite a reaction. A bit of wheezing and lots of itching. As soon as I started feeling off I took two Benadryl and took it easy, watching for any actual difficulty breathing. Fortunately, the Benadryl worked and there was no need to go to the Emergency Room, unless I wanted to go in and tell them, “I’m having an allergic reaction and my ass itches.” Stupid hives are the last thing to clear up. I did call the allergist and I was supposed to take two more Benadryl before I went to sleep. … Continue reading

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We can’t have nice things.

I’m finally back at the gym and I feel like I’m just limping around the place, but it is getting better. Being a geek who likes measuring things, I bought a Fit Bit Charge HR and it was fun for a week. Unfortunately I should’ve heeded the poor online ratings and known that if someone could have an allergic reaction to using it, I would have that reaction. I had to make a trip to REI to return it. I also wandered around the store figuring that might distract me from the itching. Well, it worked for a while and the itching around my wrist is going away. Unfortunately the … Continue reading

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