Minor annoyances.

There are several minor annoyances that are, well, annoying me right now. What with the fatigue of going to the gym and my long work Wednesday (7AM meeting to start) and I’m not exactly in the best of moods. The big boss at work also said a bunch of things that made a lot of us uneasy and implied he didn’t really care about people, just numbers. Pretty much what a big boss is supposed to do. Onto the annoyances.

First, I entered all my gas and mileage records for my Prius into a spreadsheet. I confirmed that the MPG measurement in my Prius is an absolute fiction. Even worse, it gets a lot worse mileage than the gauge indicates. It only does about 44MPG. My old Civic Hybrid cost about half of what the Prius did and it got better than 40MPG.

Second, the house that’s adding a second story down the street is blocking part of my view. It’s not much of a view, but I won’t be able to see if traffic is bad or not.

IMG 3146

Third, I found out that there’s schmutz on my digital camera’s image sensor. Trying to clean it off just made things worse. I think I’m going to throw away the camera before it drives me crazy.

I know, not really problems, just small annoyances. I’m glad that’s all there is.

Winning at Comic-con.

I just started going back to the gym again, so pardon the excessive rambling. I’m going to blame it on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and the fog of fatigue.

I actually went to San Diego Comic-Con, twenty-nine years after I gave up comic books cold turkey. It was an expensive addiction and I’m fairly happy to have given it up. I’ve lapsed, but mostly with graphic novels. In Japan I followed the series F and Tsurumoku Dokushin Ryo and that wasn’t cheap (dozens of books) but I’ve stayed pretty clean since. But Comic-Con isn’t about comics any more: it’s a media event.

I didn’t really go to Comic-con. I was just there for an ancillary event – Aisha Tyler’s (Podcast) Listener Appreciation Event. I also checked out the open events around the con like NerdHQ and just walked around checking out the costumes. I came to a realization in the multitudes — I’m happy that I only dislike crowds and they don’t make me anxious. After that I wasn’t nearly as bothered.

I only took three pictures which, really, shows you what my goals were for my (kind of expensive) trip. It was $750-ish for the flight and a hotel.

An In-N-Out Double-double animal style with animal style fries:

IMG 3139

A Triple IPA at Stone Brewing Taproom:

IMG 3141

And meeting Aisha Tyler!

2015 07 11 12 52 12

Guess which geek was the first in line to get a signature and also to get a seat to her podcast recording? She’s a pretty in person as on TV and a great actress: you can’t see her thinking, “Who is this weird Asian dude?”

That’s my latest adventure. I hope I can have some more soon as well.