Lots of work for nothing.

Last night I spent a lot of time destroying my dad’s old diaries. These weren’t really interesting diaries, but mostly the daily weather. Included with the weather were reports of his ailing health, mainly headaches and backaches, and it was really pretty depressing. All I could think is that some hipster would find them and use them in an awful art exhibit and I just couldn’t have that. So I spent three or four hours tearing apart these little calendar books so I could feed them into my shredder.

Tonight I replaced my standing desk with a nearly identical standing desk that’s slightly more sturdy. That was a four hour process of taking all the monitors and monitor arms off the desk, clearing off all the stuff, disassembling the desk, carrying the heavy-ass old desk downstairs, carrying the almost as heavy new desk upstairs, assembling the new desk, and putting everything back onto my desk including monitor arms, etc. I’ve been trying to get to sleep by 10:30 and it’s already 11:30. I’m not done yet.

The old desk had a heavy top with lighter legs. This new desk top isn’t as heavy, but the legs are much heavier. I think I like the new one better already. It still wobbles a bit but not nearly as much. This is a very expensive experiment I’m conducting but at least I can use the desk somewhere else. I always need more bench space in the basement.