R.I.P. “Ed” Wynne

I’ve been doing a lot of drinking this weekend and a lot of the reason is to forget my troubles and to avoid thinking about the memorial service this weekend for a friend and co-worker, Ed Wynne. He’s a guy who convinced me to take up golf for a while. But even though the memorial service is over, I’m still sad about the death of a guy who could always make me laugh with his stories about his years on the road as a sound engineer for rock bands.

I’m not sure why some people’s deaths hit me harder than others. I hadn’t talked to Ed much in the last few years. I guess I feel like Ed just should’ve had more time. He was about to retire and I heard he bought himself a motor home. Sounds like a pretty crummy time for your health to give out on you.

I can’t tell Ed’s stories because they’re Ed’s stories, but I do remember riding with him to lunch. Any suspect driving would get him to yell, “Death stalks the highway!” Anytime we’d get lost he’d call for his wife, “JoAnn! I’m lost! Come find me!” But really, his stories were the best.

So here’s to Ed Wynne and JoAnn Pullen. I’m really sorry to see you go Ed and I hope JoAnn is doing well.

Just to be clear, I’m allergic to soy.

I went to the allergist and they poked me with a bunch of pins. The pins all made me itchy as hell and they said I was quite allergic to grass, trees, something-I-can’t-remember, and soy. Oh, and even better, I was sick for a week with the kind of ailment where you can’t leave the house because you can’t get that far from the bathroom without getting nervous. Fortunately, I’m feeling better at the moment but I probably just jinxed myself by saying that.