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It just keeps getting better.

Guess who was in the ER again today? I know you’re not supposed to go to the ER if you have hives, but I felt like I was having a little trouble breathing. I’m guessing I wasn’t supposed to try to wait for it to go away then walk across the street to Safeway to buy generic Benadryl to dry swallow. But I did, and then drove home and walked to the hospital, hoping things would get better. I still felt a little wheezy when I got then and the Benadryl kicked in while I was sitting in the lobby for an hour. And the doc looked at me and … Continue reading

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Now what?

Today, FINALLY, my legs only ache a little and I was able to sit and stand without feeling too bad. I haven’t taken any Tylenol for two days and that means the drinking can soon commence. But feeling better also means my common sense is waning and I’m watching Judo videos again. I gave away most of my books already and I think I have to give away the rest of the apparel and accoutrement so I’m not tempted to try something that could impair my already waning mental faculties. I’ve really painted myself into a corner. This started almost a year ago: an OKCupid date that led to getting … Continue reading

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