Things that work and things that don’t.

Did I mention that my bathroom scale broke and I finally bought another one? It appears that I’m up at least five pounds, though my doctor today said I look fine. I suppose he’s the only one who ever sees me with my shirt off, but he also only sees sick people.

I must say that two weeks after getting the Nest working it seems to be working just fine. A little too well, since the thermostat is in a room that we don’t go through that often and it thinks we’re out a lot of the times. You just have to walk around through that room and it figures out you’re not out. I think it’s probably a good thing, really.

I was bragging that I didn’t buy anything on Black Friday but I think I lied. I bought a light bulb, several electrical boxes, and a bore scope. I thought I’d use the bore scope to look around inside the ceiling to put in some smoke alarms, but I got very, very lazy instead. Heck, it took an hour to put in the one where I had access to the crawlspace above it which involved some crawling around in an attic. But now my 2nd floor has two smoke detectors and one combo smoke/carbon monoxide detector. The basement has a carbon monoxide detector now. And I still have to put in two smoke detectors and one smoke/CO detector on the first floor.

On that weekend I also bought an Apple TV. I think I’ve been duped, though. I just watched “The Expendables 2” on it and thought the image was kind of crappy. So I switched to my Chromecast, which was much cheaper and simpler and the picture was much better. Sheesh. I sure hope the iTunes movies look better.

Oh, and the fat guy (me) also didn’t go to the gym today. I feel sore and tired and isn’t that a good reason to take an extra day off? It’s also 32ºF outside which is nothing for most people but butt-cold for an Oregonian. It’s even supposed to be down in the teens this week. If I wanted to live somewhere that cold, I’d move to Canada or Nebraska or something. Yeesh.