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Fat, lazy, and tired.

I am more tired than I ought to be. I think it’s probably all the time I spent the last two evenings trying to get my furnace back working. The morning after I thought I had everything working I found out that after the gas heat never turned on (it’s supposed to switch from the heat pump to the gas furnace when it gets cold outside). I changed the switchover temperature so the heat pump worked at colder temperatures. I called the owner of the HVAC company and he told me that he’d have someone come by. The HVAC tech added one wire to make the gas furnace run at … Continue reading

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I am a big fat lazy pig.

I’be been away from the gym for over two weeks and I was about to go today but I thought I could install a Nest thermostat before I went. How hard could it be? The guy who sold me my furnace said he had one and it wasn’t much of a problem. There’s only three wires going from the furnace to the old Honeywell thermostat that seems to be going on the fritz just four or five years since it was installed. FIVE HOURS LATER, the thermostat appears to be working fine. After hooking up the three wires, I got an error code from the Nest. I did what it … Continue reading

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Japan Day 16

I said I think I drank too much, and it doesn’t take much to be too much when you’re old and when you’re traveling eastward. It was a very long Thursday. If you looked at the clock in Portland, we got up at 1PM Wednesday and didn’t sleep until Thursday night. I stayed up on the plane watching bad movies (a Japanese crime movie where most of the protagonist criminals die, “A Good Day to Die Hard,” “Hansel and Gretel,” and “The Lone Ranger.” But we started the day going to Tully’s for a change, to get the morning set there. I wanted to get something to drink on the … Continue reading

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Japan Day 15

Well I just got back from dinner with my old co-worker Suzuki-san, so let me just say it’s time to post some pictures and edit them later. Now its two days or so later and I’m actually at home. The intarweb connection at the hotel in Tokyo was so spotty that I couldn’t upload these pictures! Our last full day in Tokyo, I found a large purchase I’ve wanted to make. But besides that, we met my sister’s friend for lunch and she was HILARIOUS. Most people I know in finance drink a bit more than I do and have bigger adventures. It’s the best when those people have fun … Continue reading

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Japan Day 14

I’m not sleeping a lot in Tokyo. It’s much louder here and my hotel room makes weird noises what with the ductless air conditioner (that’s off but making a racket) and the Plasmacluster humidifier going bloop-bloop all night. We went to Paul Basset for breakfast, like we usually do, and had some of the best coffee so far on the trip. I finally was early enough to get the quiche! We met my sister’s friend in Shibuya and she took us to this weird sushi store where you order on a touch-screen.  There should be a video here of the sushi coming down the track but you may have to … Continue reading

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Japan Day 13

I think it’s getting close to time to go home. I’m bowing while I’m talking on the phone and when my sister asked me a question I started answering her in Japanese. Yeesh. Or it’s that I stayed up too late watching some Japanese TV show. A lot of them start at 9PM and end at 11:20PM. I’m not sure why, but I wish I had a DVR here. I’m so used to getting up to go to the bathroom whenever I feel like it that this TV live thing is holding me down. I got up and we had the free breakfast down at the Toyoko Inn lobby which … Continue reading

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Japan Day 12

We left Matsuzaka this morning at a civilized 10:09AM which might’ve been a bit late. We did seem to wait for the train for a while just wandering around the two or three stores in the train station. Here’s a picture of a fat dude with a little metal bull. We got to Nagoya about 11:30 and dropped off our baggage at the Toyoko Inn. I wanted to take my mom and sister to the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology (or the place with the looms and the cars) but we got there just about lunchtime. There’s really nowhere to eat around the museum but there are two … Continue reading

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Japan Day 11

Another travel day! We got an early start to meet my sister’s friend in Ise, where we went to see the Ise Grand Shrine. I had the sneaking suspicion that it could be a complete shitshow, at least in the travel department, but it turned out we arrived only a couple of minutes late! First off, I had a horrible night’s sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night with my nose plugged full of boogers. My stomach felt bad too. I’m hoping it’s not old age food allergies because I don’t want to cut anything out of my diet (especially not hamburgers filled with cheese) but I … Continue reading

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Japan Day 10

It was a beautiful day in Japan today, about 72ºF. I was expecting this to be a shopping day, but when we left the hotel after doing some laundry my mom asked me, “What are you showing me today?” I thought of a few things but a quick trip to Ikeda City and the Ando Momofuku Instant Ramen museum sounded like fun. Our first stop, though, was to the coffee roaster I went to last year. It’s in another old-school shopping street. We could smell the beans roasting as soon as we got into the arcade. Unfortunately I don’t think he’s doing a lot of business and the coffee shop … Continue reading

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Japan Day 9, I think.

I finally got my mom to go to the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living. It’s on the 8th floor of a municipal building and the first thing you do is take a 2-story escalator to see an upper view of an old Meiji Era section of the town. Then you go down into the town and wander about. After that there are dioramas on the 8th floor. Unfortunately, today was also the day for several grade schools to make their trip to the museum and it ended up being a loud mess. Afterwards we went walking down the longest shopping arcade in Japan at Tenjinbashi, but it’s all very … Continue reading

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Japan Day 8

Right now I’m sitting in my hotel room in Osaka, doing what I’d do at home. Playing with my computer. It’s the middle of the afternoon, but it’s kind of nice being in a hotel room and no someone else’s house. Not that I don’t just sit at our friends’ house in Toyama playing on the computer (which I did). I even found a bug in the Vim while I was there. This was our travel day to Osaka, and I think my mom is taking it easy with my sister in their room which is right next door. I’m sure I’m overdoing the free intarweb access here because … Continue reading

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Japan Day 7

We’re still in Toyama, and really this isn’t about me or my sister but my mom hanging around with her friends. We went to a sushi restaurant for lunch, for example, and my sister couldn’t find much to eat. She did have a green tea soft ice cream for dessert. The shopping center has restaurants and a grocery store and used to have a Beard Papa. The B&R is still there as well as the Mr. Donut. Tomorrow we’re on the road for Osaka. I’m meeting an old friend from work at 8PM. I’ve been going to bed pretty early this trip (I usually stay up) so 8 sounds late. … Continue reading

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