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Japan Day 2 I think

I’ve been having a bit of trouble sleeping but what would you expect after the 9 hour time change? Heck, I even have troubles when daylight savings time starts. We went on a trip to somewhere in the middle of nowhere yesterday, and by the middle of nowhere I mean Costco. Actually, we also went to the mountains to see the scenery. It’s quite a ways up there, and more a mountain range than just “a” mountain so there’s no one mountain. We even went up to the top of a cable car ride to see more. Of course, at the top you could walk up even further to get … Continue reading

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Japan Day 1

Not much to report. Get off the plane. Rent SIM cards for phone use in Japan. Get on a bus for a friend’s place. Fall asleep. That’s about it.   HEY MEGAN, THIS IS AT THE AIRPORT. DID YOU NEED ANYTHING FROM JAPAN? 🙂

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The lusting begins anew.

I can’t even keep up a once-a-week pace on this thing. I have ways of pissing away my evenings and that’s even after I gave up Facebook for the most part. Keeping up with all my RSS feeds and twitter pretty much kills all the time I have left. That’s even after avoiding the gym more than normal since I was feeling poorly the past few weeks. Or, as my brother-in-law says, I had the punes. I think most people were expecting Apple to announce new iPads and maybe an Apple TV today. Well, the announcements were more like what you’d expect at WWDC. New OS X Mavericks. New laptops. … Continue reading

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