Japan Day 2 I think

I’ve been having a bit of trouble sleeping but what would you expect after the 9 hour time change? Heck, I even have troubles when daylight savings time starts.

We went on a trip to somewhere in the middle of nowhere yesterday, and by the middle of nowhere I mean Costco. Actually, we also went to the mountains to see the scenery.

It’s quite a ways up there, and more a mountain range than just “a” mountain so there’s no one mountain. We even went up to the top of a cable car ride to see more.

Of course, at the top you could walk up even further to get to a shrine. The shrine and the view were not worth the extra walk, nor were they worth more pictures.

Here’s the view from the top of the cable car ride. Here I present a view of Mt. Fuji the haze from China.

You can kind of see the edge of the lake from the view up top (it’s at the right edge) and here’s a better picture. That’s my mom and sister at the left.

Another view from the trip was the stairs at somewhere I forgot the name of. These are famous stairs, as I’ve seen them on Japanese TV. There’s really no end to these stairs (I exaggerate, they’re just very, very long.) We went twice as far as you can see in this picture and we weren’t a quarter of the way up the stairs. I think the top of the stairs leads to another path to another shrine. Very Japanese of them. This picture needs some enhancing too, but that’ll have to wait for later.

I’m not sure how they decide what sort of restaurants are on these mountains. Two years ago we went up a mountain that just had soba noodles. This mountain was all udon noodles. We had way too much udon for lunch.

Oh, and here’s a giant moth for you from the parking lot.

We got back to town in mid-afternoon and my mom and sister had never been to a Japanese Costco. I have no idea why they sell some of the things they do. A lot of things are just like what they have in the US, like those giant pizzas that won’t fit in a normal refrigerator or a normal oven. I don’t remember seeing a Japanese oven, so I’m not sure why they’d have that for sale. Why not get the cooked pizza?

You’re not going to find another giant drink for ¥60, or another giant hot dog for ¥180 in Japan.

I also don’t think I’ve ever seen 48 pieces of sushi for ¥3000 in any country.

My sister isn’t huge, but this bag of potato chips sure is. They also had those giant bags of tortilla chips they sell in the US and I saw this white dude with two bags of them.

I’m not sure who is going to eat this much bread.

Afterwards my sister and I went to the cheap eyeglass store and I got computer-tinted glasses for about ¥12,000. ($120) My sister’s were ¥7990. It took them 15 minutes to cut the lenses for both sets.

Dinner was at a yakiniku place and then I fell asleep watching a baseball game. While the World Series of Baseball is over, the Japan Series of Baseball continues with The Sendai’s Rakuten and The Tokyo Giants.

Japan Day 1

Not much to report. Get off the plane. Rent SIM cards for phone use in Japan. Get on a bus for a friend’s place. Fall asleep. That’s about it.



The lusting begins anew.

I can’t even keep up a once-a-week pace on this thing. I have ways of pissing away my evenings and that’s even after I gave up Facebook for the most part. Keeping up with all my RSS feeds and twitter pretty much kills all the time I have left. That’s even after avoiding the gym more than normal since I was feeling poorly the past few weeks. Or, as my brother-in-law says, I had the punes.

I think most people were expecting Apple to announce new iPads and maybe an Apple TV today. Well, the announcements were more like what you’d expect at WWDC. New OS X Mavericks. New laptops. A ship date for the new Mac Pro. New iLife. And finally, new iPads.

I seem to buy a lot of new laptops, like one a year. I think if I can sell the one I have now, I’ll get a new one. It’s a silly thing to be doing year after year, but it’s what I do. And for all the time I spend in front of the darn thing, it’s probably not a bad purchase. If nothing else, this is what I meant when I said I had something new to lust after.

Oh, and I spent a lot of time this weekend trying to figure out something on my radio. I finally have confirmation that I’ve talked to all 50 states (something that’s supposed to be easy to do, but has taken me since 1978 to accomplish) and I’m pretty happy about that. I should probably spend some more time fiddling with the radio since I have spent countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars on equipment and antennas. Plus, I actually enjoy it. Yeah, that means I’m a super-nerd. Most people have nothing on a guy that has to put up antennas for his hobby. ARE YOU LISTENING LADIES?