Not the greatest planning.

The past two nights I’ve been going out to dinner after tearing out carpet for a few hours. I really shouldn’t be rehydrating with beer but, then again, there’s plenty of other things I shouldn’t be doing.

Look at what I found tonight after cutting out carpet, pulling out carpet pad, and sweeping up sand-like remnants of the carpet glue:

There’s wood flooring underneath the carpet but I didn’t think it was this cool.

Good news or bad news.

I wish I could say things are just going peachy and I have good news and better news. I paid a THOUSAND DOLLARS to get my first set of progressives (i.e. OLD MAN GLASSES) and TWENTY DOLLARS for a haircut ($2 less than at Bishop’s and a hell of a lot better). I got a much better deal on the haircut, but glasses are glasses and I’d rather see than just stumble around hoping the fuzzy things in my vision are what I’m imagining them to be.


I’m home alone because my mom was in the hospital for a week and there’s one of two reasons for it. One is that they needed to perform a trephination to let out the evil spirits. The other is that non-resolving intracranial bleed and the neurosurgeon had to put in a drain. She’s out now and at my sister’s since my sister works from home. She’s doing better, but she’s still not her perky self.

Some more good/bad news is that the Industrial Café is open on Friday. Turns out it wasn’t a bad reason they were closed, but it wasn’t good news either.

Yeah, that’s right, they were filming for the Food Network and that means there will be lots of food tourists there. Good for the restaurant, but bad for the regulars.