OK, I’m not in a great mood.

I think I quit writing much on my blog when I realized I didn’t care about writing that much any more. Part of it was just the practice of writing something down every day and that became less important. Plus, I didn’t have that much to talk about on a daily basis. Right now I have a lot to talk about but I’m not sure I’m the one who should be doing it. Let me just say that several of my friends have lost their mothers lately, and I hope they and their families are all doing well, or as well as can be expected. My own mom has been in the hospital twice lately, and it’s no fun.

So, on this day two days after Valentines Day, what am I doing to cheer myself up? After wasting hours and hours for several weeks trying to undo all the damage that TuneUp and iTunes have done to my music library, I thought I’d use some correction tape to mask out some of the things in my beginning violin book. Unfortunately, Office Depot brand correction tape doesn’t work. It either spools off and won’t work because the tape is loose, or the correction bits don’t stick to the page. I’m taking it back (I hope they take it back) and getting Liquid Paper.

I’m also reading the news, which is a horrible thing to do if you’re trying to cheer yourself up. Since work was so hectic this week, I was catching up on a couple days worth of news, and the lighthearted articles from 2/14 were nothing I wanted to see. Fake marriage proposal rejection videos are also not funny to me at all. However, dudes hurting themselves while doing stupid things is pretty funny. Accidents, not so much.

So, articles on the hopelessness of online dating and people mistakenly telling me about their friends and their romantic weekends are not what I’m looking for. Two empty bottles of whisky (which took me months to empty, and have been empty for days) aren’t helping my mood either.

Oh, well. Maybe I’ll play some of the music that iTunes didn’t “fix” for me.