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Feeling slightly cranky.

Not real sure why I’m feeling all that cranky right now. I’m finally getting over my cold. Yeah, I had a fever, then stomach problems, then a head cold with a 101.9°F fever, and now I’m feeling better. I’m also sucking ass at playing the banjo and the only New Year’s resolution I’ve kept is to stop watching Hawaii Five-O. Check it out, though, new glasses and a haircut. You know what that means? I can see my computer screen so I can DO MY TAXES and my head is cold. Check out that puss though. I’m not sure why the ladies aren’t crawling all over this guy. Tomorrow I … Continue reading

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Just so you know.

101.2°F Much better now.

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I’ve been a lazy lump of sloth this week. I finally remembered that some time ago I had this same sort of thing happen, a cold followed by odd lingering stomach problems and I even went to see a doctor about it all. The Asian doctor recognized that the aging Asian man in front of him probably had GERD and prescribed something or another that was replaced by Prilosec OTC. Everything was sort of OK until just recently and I finally remembered this. I started taking whatever-it-is I found at Costco (not Prilosec) and I was starting to get better but today I FELT LIKE I’M COMING DOWN WITH A … Continue reading

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My stomach hurts.

I didn’t sleep well last night and I’m either coming down with another cold or I’m allergic to beer. I sure hope it’s not the allergy bit because that would surely suck. It was a somber week at work. One of our co-workers had a heart attack in the parking lot and was not doing that well. Today was Megan’s funeral and I’ve heard it was planned out by Megan. The service was surprisingly quick with hardly a mention of her name. There were standard prayers that were over in half-an-hour and no speeches. Later we all met at a restaurant and had a bit of a wake. It was … Continue reading

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Ha HA!

OK, so somewhere in the middle of kvetching about things I’m not doing this year, I realized I should shut the hell up and make a list of things I want to do. So today, on the biggest annual procrastination day of the year (otherwise known as the day my self-assessment for my work review is due) I took my violin to the luthier to get it back up to snuff! Then I went to a beginning banjo class (clawhammer for those of you who know more about banjo than I do) without having a spot in the class and made it in off of the wait list! This is … Continue reading

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More resolutions, less resolve.

Last weekend I was out with two high school buddies. One was off to New York to meet a woman in her early 20’s, but he’s loaded (I don’t know anyone else who has a house in Tokyo with a pool, for example) and the other was trying to decide whether to get back together with his ex who is now 27 but who he used to date nine years ago. Yeah, that means he was 40, but she was 18. Honestly, I don’t even want to talk to anyone below the age of 25. Somehow this got me to thinking about my resolutions, but I think such odd behavior … Continue reading

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Cheating death once again.

I was fatigued today. Not really tired, just dragging ass like I overdid it at the gym after being out sick for a week and a half and it made me kind of cranky. So on the way home, when some jackhole in a Suburban honked at me for waiting for a pedestrian and not just running the poor guy the hell over, I stopped my car and got out to tell him about WAITING FOR PEOPLE CROSSING THE EFFING STREET. Fortunately, he kept going because I don’t think we would have had a very productive conversation. Really, I lucked out on that one. So I went to the gym … Continue reading

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Here’s to 2013.

Well, that didn’t end well, and by that I mean 2012. I got sick before Xmas and I think I still went to the gym a few times and I swore it was cold that week even though people were pointing out that it was much warmer than the week before. That’s probably because I was running a fever of 100.3°F that I didn’t realize until t the Sunday before New Years. I found that out when I was taking my mom’s temperature just before I took her to the ER for chest pains. She had a blood clot in her lung. She had to stay in the hospital a few … Continue reading

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