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Time flies.

Lots of awful things have happened and lots of not-so-awful things have as well. I’m going to do the ostrich thing and ignore some of the awfuler things, but my friend Megan lost her fight with cancer and I’m hoping she’s kicking ass and taking names in the afterlife. I’m not a believer, but she was, and if anyone could have willed herself into another existence just to tell everyone how things should really work, it would be Megan. Honestly I don’t think I’ve had that much to say lately. In the nerd realm, I’m applying to become an official NetBSD developer. I bought a new antenna for my ham … Continue reading

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Finally back.

I’ve been back for over two weeks and I’m finally feeling like I have some time to get back to this blog. It took a week to dig out of two months of mail. I went back to work and had to dig out of two months of email. It took about a week to fix my crashing Mac (I blame iCloud) and I think my new firewall machine is fairly stable. I even had jet lag for a while. I never have jet lag but I realized that’s probably just because usually I only go to Japan for two weeks. Two months is quite different. I’m glad to be … Continue reading

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