Time flies.

Lots of awful things have happened and lots of not-so-awful things have as well. I’m going to do the ostrich thing and ignore some of the awfuler things, but my friend Megan lost her fight with cancer and I’m hoping she’s kicking ass and taking names in the afterlife. I’m not a believer, but she was, and if anyone could have willed herself into another existence just to tell everyone how things should really work, it would be Megan.

Honestly I don’t think I’ve had that much to say lately. In the nerd realm, I’m applying to become an official NetBSD developer. I bought a new antenna for my ham radio even though the last time I talked on the thing was back in August. And I bought a new iPhone 5 because that’s one of my addictions. I’ve had many disappointing cheeseburgers and my addiction to the gym appears to be waning a bit because, well, I’ve not been giving a crap lately. It’s hard to run around and get all out of breath if you don’t give a crap.

I suppose that’s why I’ve updated some of my blog software but I haven’t written anything, the giving a crap thing. When the only email you get is from Amazon, The Gap, and Sears there’s really no reason not to hole up for the winter and declare hermit status.

Ah well, the most exciting thing I have going on for New Years Eve is staying at my sister’s house to make sure her geriatric dog doesn’t freak out. I’m not sure how my being there is going to help the dog’s mental status, but I really have nothing else planned. And that, I suppose, is the end of my year.

Finally back.

I’ve been back for over two weeks and I’m finally feeling like I have some time to get back to this blog. It took a week to dig out of two months of mail. I went back to work and had to dig out of two months of email. It took about a week to fix my crashing Mac (I blame iCloud) and I think my new firewall machine is fairly stable.

I even had jet lag for a while. I never have jet lag but I realized that’s probably just because usually I only go to Japan for two weeks. Two months is quite different. I’m glad to be sleeping in my own bed in a house where there’s not much noise rather than in a hotel where I had to sleep with earplugs in. The best thing about being home is the giant washer/dryer.

The food back at home isn’t as good as on vacation. Good, but not great. The baked cod at Besaw’s was good, but not great.

The Beaujolais Nouveau at Olympic Provisions that they said was good was passable. The meat plate was EXCELLENT (so I guess some things are great).

The burger at Besaw’s wasn’t great (a little too salty) but the butterscotch pudding was great.

And finally, the burger at Meriwether’s was better, but still way too salty. So far the best burger I’ve had since I got back was at Five Guys.

I’m getting used to being home again, and that’s a good thing.