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Japan Day 42

I slept in a bit but I felt pretty good this morning so I decided I would go ahead and go to Myokensan and Myokensan Temple in Kawanishi, where I used to live. That’s kind of misleading, because Kawanishi is huge and Myokensan (the mountain) is way up in the hills. In fact, you have to take the Nose Railway which looks like the Hankyu railway but is a subsidiary and requires you to find the right button on the ticket machine (all in Japanese) to buy a ¥580 ticket from Umeda. I even read that Noseden was intially created to make the trip to the Myokensan Temple easier. In … Continue reading

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Japan Day 41

This morning started slowly. I got up and read my email (of course) and found out how to sign up for next year’s health insurance. It’s something we do at work this time every year, and every year I’m usually in Japan until the last day or so. This time I’m out the whole time, so I had to get a co-worker to figure out how I can select things remotely. Then it was off to the train station to change my tickets. Like I said yesterday, my plans have changed and so I had to get my complicated train ticket and exchange it for a ticket just to Tokyo. … Continue reading

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Japan Day 40

Today I took a trip to Yamazaki Station in Kyoto Prefecture to visit the Suntory Yamazaki Distillery. Yamazaki Station is barely in Kyoto Prefecture and everything I saw today was in Osaka Prefecture. Yamazaki itself is in Osaka Prefecture. But seriously, there’s NOTHING near Yamazaki Station. Very close by is this shrine. I can’t read the name of it and it’s probably the Rikyu Hachiman-gū Shrine. As is the case lately, I came in through the side gate. Yesterday it was a mystery cow; today it’s a horse. I kept going down the street and found Seki Daimyojin Shrine that had all sorts of signs. In fact, one of the … Continue reading

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Japan Day 39

It’s another rainy day and my photographs are sort of blurry. Ah well. I figured I’d take it easy today and I was looking for a nice, covered place to go. I knew I should get out of Umeda because it was going to get crowded. So I went to Tenjinbashisuji shopping street. I decided to start at the south end which was near Minamimorimachi. You have to walk a bit south to get to the end of the shopping street. There’s a little more to the south, but it didn’t look like all that much more. Back to the shopping street. Of course, as soon as I got into … Continue reading

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Japan Day 38

I was still tired this morning. I think it’s probably because of the onsen yesterday, but I told my sister it feels like I’ve been walking all day, every day, for a month-and-a-half. She said, “Because you have, Forrest.” I even forgot to call home before I left the hotel. Fortunately, there are apps that let you use Google Voice using only data on your iPhone (Talkatone). I decided to go to the Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses in Hattori Ryokuchi Park in Toyonaka City. I’ve been putting it off, thinking, “Hey, my grandma had an old Japanese Farm House and I’ve even stayed there in the past.” … Continue reading

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Japan Day 37

Please forgive today’s post if it’s incoherent. It’ll get obvious what I did to become incoherent. I’m also deleting a lot of pictures today because they’re repetitious. Like lots of ropeway and cable car pictures that all look alike. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Today I didn’t know what to do, so I figured I’d go to Kobe. I got there and found the tourist bureau and got the English-language information from them. Then I was gripped by indecision and stood outside the office for a while and started walking back and forth until I decided to just get on the train and go back two stations and take … Continue reading

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Japan Day 36

My timing is getting off. I started doing laundry when I got back to the hotel after 5PM and didn’t finish until 9PM. I guess it takes about 40 minutes to wash and 30-45 minutes to dry. Since I was going to wash ALL my pants, I had two loads to do. There’s no going to the laundry room pantsless. That’s something to do at home. I’m getting ahead of myself. Today i decided to go to the Tennoji area to see Shitennoji Temple. I knew there must be a lot of people visiting the area when I found a tourist bureau in the Tennoji train station. There’s only three … Continue reading

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Japan Day 35

My friend told me I had too many pictures and today isn’t going to be any different. I went to the Ando Momofuku Ramen Museum, walked around Ikeda, and then walked to where I was meeting several co-workers for dinner. Then when I got back the weird loud noise in my room, that I’ve had the past two nights, returned and it came from my Washlet! I think it’s water hammer, and the plumber agreed. They changed my room and I’m way behind. Plus, some dumb Mac program is making lots of connections to the intarwebs and the hotel doesn’t seem to like that. So my first stop today was … Continue reading

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Japan Day 34

I was dragging again today and it was a rainy day anyway. My mom suggested that I hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and go back to sleep. I figured I’d go walking the underground a while. One of the first things I saw was people lining up in the basement of the Hanshin Department store to get the cheap cake. I forget why there’s cheap cake, whether it’s oddly shaped or if they just sell a bunch of them for cheap. Anyway, I had no idea what I was doing so the first thing I did was head towards Hep Five. And what did I run … Continue reading

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Japan Day 33

I was tired this morning because it turns out the rail noise on the “view” side of this hotel is really loud. Makes sense, because there’s lots of rail switches right in front of the hotel. I had to get my room changed. Otherwise, I slept OK. Today was a hot day in Osaka, though not as hot as was saying. It was hot enough. Oddly, the people here were still dressed for the season, not for the day. I was sweating in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt and there were people wearing sweatshirts and vests. I really didn’t know what to do, but I did start the day … Continue reading

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Japan Day 32

I got up early to get ready to go to Osaka today. I’m not sure why I bothered, since I did a lot of putzing around and then realized it’s less than an hour from Nagoya to Osaka on the Shinkansen. And the Shinkansen station at Nagoya is small and very, very close to the Toyoko Inn. Well, fortunately, I’m feeling comfortable here in Osaka (since I did live here in my 20’s and even got engaged). Maybe a bit too comfortable. I’ve eaten too much and feel like passing out. Fortunately the intarwebs are a normal speed here and my pictures are uploading quickly so I won’t have to … Continue reading

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Japan Day 31

I just realized why the intarwebs could be slow here. They have ¥500 video-on-demand and all the businessmen were probably watching pr0n as I tried to upload my pictures. I’m going to be up late again uploading all this again, I’m sure. I didn’t end up going to Nagoya Castle or to the shrine that seems to hold one of the three treasures of the Imperial Family. There’s lots more to see here than I saw. The first place I went was the Toyota Museum. I got on the subway and bought a ¥600 all-day pass you can get on the weekends and started going the wrong way. I didn’t … Continue reading

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