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I went to the dentist today and I couldn’t really describe what he was going to do. I was told he was adding something and I had no real idea until I got there.   I guess my teeth are wearing because of some reason-or-another (most likely grinding my teeth while I’m asleep like my mom and my sister) and my canines were some weird shape. The red arrow points at a non-modified tooth. The green arrow points at a nice, pointy tooth that the dentist fixed. Honestly, I’m not sure what to think of it. It’s easier to think about fixing the driveway.

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I said I’d go to the gym, but I didn’t.

I got up this morning and I was a bit tired. I bet it was because I was trying to move dirt around all day yesterday. This dirt pile is smaller than it was when I started, but still pretty darn huge. I t used to go as far as the sign.   The reason I had them leave the dirt pile was to fill in the backyard, which I am reconsidering at this time. Instead of doing either the digging or going to the gym, I ended up cleaning up some of the overgrown curb across the street. My neighbor Richard and I usually guilt each other into cleaning … Continue reading

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More ditching of the gym.

This morning the alarm went off and I stretched my legs. Unfortunately, when I do that a certain way, I can almost always cause my calf to immediately and painfully cramp up. Not only did I do that, but I had my shin cramp up on my opposite leg. I didn’t have to get up right away because I had a dentist’s appointment so I tried unsuccessfully to sleep it off. At the dentist I got a cramp in my neck as I was holding my mouth open. So, there was a slight chance after limping around all day that I wasn’t in any shape to go to the gym. … Continue reading

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I’m a home wrecker.

This past weekend was actually kind of busy for me. Usually when I have too much stuff going on I avoid all of it and end up doing nothing but sitting at home. This past weekend I did as much as I could. Saturday I went to the gym, tore down a room in my friend’s garage, went to an exercise seminar, then got cleaned up to go to a barbecue at an old friend’s house. Luckily, being an old friend he was also in the old neighborhood where I still live and all I had to do is walk a block to his house. His oldest son graduated from … Continue reading

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Another day of excellent customer service.

I’ve wasted a bunch of time this evening trying to set up an old iPhone 4 because my new iPhone 4S has a beta OS and IT at work thought that meant it was a good time to erase all my work email and schedules from my phone. In about a month I’m on vacation, and I wouldn’t have cared, but right now I kind of like being able to check my email without starting up my laptop. I suppose it doesn’t really matter what I want. Even better, I ordered a Cross gold pen from Amazon, who sent the order to Office Max. Office Max sent me a $2.99 … Continue reading

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Tuesday blues on schedule.

I keep thinking it’s probably some sort of blood sugar thing on Tuesdays after two consecutive evenings at the gym but I’m not completely sure. My friend pointed out again how cliquish the gym tends to be and that got me thinking. But I felt much better after flossing. I’m not sure if there’s any correlation there, but whatever. Plus, I finally got my car back. I had another errand to run in the area of the Toyota dealer, so I didn’t want to go to work and have to come back in time to get my car. Especially since they promised me the car in the morning. I’m not … Continue reading

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Why are Mondays so Monday?

First off, here’s what happens when someone steals your driveway. We’ve wanted to “fix” the driveway since we moved in and that was 42 years ago. It’s a “Model A driveway” which means it was built for an old Model A Ford. Narrow and high clearance. The garage, for example, is small with barn doors that swing out. It’s only good for being a storage shed, and to hold up my antenna. But back to Mondays, on the way to work on Highway 26 I heard a clicking sound. I knew it was my tire. It went away, but I got an indication that my tire was going flat. If … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mariko!

It was my sister’s birthday today and we went out to dinner. The only picture I took was of my hamburger at Songbird. I was trying to find the menu on google last night but I found that googling for “seabird” didn’t give me the right results. I also figured out who sent me the postcard. It’s my buddy Greg and his daughter Bridget. I have to say it was both of them because Greg is the laziest man on the planet and probably came up with the idea but never would have gotten his typewriter off the shelf to send the postcard. I could tell it was him because … Continue reading

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A mystery!

One thing that isn’t a mystery is whether I’m still feeling puny or not. I went to the gym, felt like throwing up, went hard anyway, and got lightheaded a couple of times. I know the Crossfit way is to push yourself until you do throw up but I’m not in a Crossfit gym any more and not throwing up is my own little victory. Not real sure why I’ve been tired all day, either. But the new mystery is a postcard I got today. It’s a postoffice postcard with my addressed typed on the front and the back has the single letter “M”. The first person I told about … Continue reading

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Is this where I talk about being bored with the Olympics?

I’ve watched hours of the Olympics, and I think I’m ready to watch pre-season NFL football instead. That’s like saying I want an itchy rash on my ass or something but honestly, I have a hard time watching all those ads only to have events I’m interested in interspersed with things I couldn’t give a sh*t about. I’m stupid enough to see the news during the day so I already know who is going to win beach volleyball. I have absolutely no interest in rooting for the underdog who I know is going to lose. Unfortunately, the Olympics preempt a lot of the crummy TV shows I like to watch. Enough … Continue reading

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Am I becoming my father?

My sister and I are always accusing each other of becoming our father and my behavior as of late (and more importantly, the failings of my body as of late) make me think I’m headed down that path. I was sick this weekend with no severe symptoms but my head hurt and I felt “off” enough that I skipped going to the gym. After walking down to the dry cleaners and having lunch, I decided to take a short nap. Five and a half hours later, I figured I wasn’t completely well. Today I had other vague symptoms at work like light-headedness. If I could just have a fever or … Continue reading

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I’ll tell you what I need.

Well, I suppose the first thing I need is more common sense, but it’s probably much too late for that. More sleep would be nice as well, since I stayed up way too late after Il’s wedding. But moreover, I probably need lots more than what I think I need. What I think I need is more music videos. Especially more dance music videos with funny dancing, silly suits, and  goofy looking Asian guys wouldn’t hurt either. I heard this music video is blowing up the intarwebs: Gangnam Style by Psy. Surprisingly (for a Japanese dude) I have two very good Korean friends, Il (who got married yesterday! hooray!) and … Continue reading

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